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Hey, girl, sounds like your classes would be fun...even though I am long past a first sweater!

RE: that class, was cotton not an option?

I have a good circular hat pattern if you can't find yours...


-- Marg

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005  

Another student signed up for the Tuesday night beginner class! This really makes it worth my while to stay late one night a week and teach knitting. Now - if I can only find the hat pattern! Yikes! I had it last fall when I offered the beginner class but everybody knows what has been happening around here since last fall. Let us hope it's upstairs in LD's old room.

As many as 5 people have told me they'd like to take the My First Sweater class, but we shall see how the math adds up come Feb. 28. I'm making a change in that class. In the past I've taught it every other week and we've made an adult sweater. If it were earlier in the year or if it were autumn, I might consider teaching that way again. But I've come to see that only the most besotted among us really enjoy knitting in warm weather and even if we have some cool spells, we'll have mostly warm - rising to hot - weather come April 1. So the MFS class will make a little sweater; doll's size or at least, no bigger than a 2 year old's size. The last class will be how to take the skills learned in the little sweater and supersize them.

I've set the lace sweater aside for a day or two while I finish up the Wool of the Andes tam. I'm in the decrease section, down from 20 st. a segment to 14, so there isn't much left to do. It won't be blocked but it'll be done by class time tonight. I'll take my blocking circle (that BD made me 2 years ago) and show them how it works. Then I shall be back on the lace cardi. I left it with one more repeat of the pattern to knit, during which I plan to phase in the solid color. I'm extremely pleased with how that is turning out - the lace texture enhances the handpainting - something that doesn't always happen when you combine lace and handpaint.

Photos of all will be up within a day or two.

And in praise of Big Darlings the world over, I sing paeans to my own BD for the two dozen roses, and the little rhyme, that blossomed on the dining room table last night. You know, one doesn't have to be very skilled at arranging flowers, when one has 2 dozen roses to put in a vase.

I have an early morning meeting today and haven't long to linger here, eloquent and interesting. It's off to find the pattern, for me.

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