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Monday, January 03, 2005  

Yesterday was extraordinarily productive. The tweaks were completed and the underskirt hem has been sewn. The silk organza overskirt hem must be measured separately while Bride is wearing TheWeddingDress so I can’t yet say the dress is finished. But it’s darn near finished.

I also put together the silk organza shrug that Bride will wear during the ceremony. I’ll need to check the fit of that too, before I do any of the final hemming. Fortunately, hemming organza is a delight. All that hand stitching in the silk taffeta made my forearms and hands ache all night. Let us hope there will be no more of that.

Bride is perfectly content to wear the borrowed petticoat so I’ve set the one I was making aside. Thus it appears as if we will finish the ensemble sometime this week. Hallelujah!

And just in time, since there are still clothing issues to be dealt with. Mama needs a GMOG dress and we are going shopping for that tomorrow. It’ll be a lot of fun to shop for someone else, instead of for me. My luck is so much better shopping for others. If only the Shopping Fairy continues to ride on my shoulder.

I was so tired when I finished up yesterday I crashed to sleep early, then woke up, alas, for good, at 2:30. Now I’m feeling sleepy again so I’ll sign off here and see if I can catch 15 winks.

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