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Oh Bess, so-o-o-o glad you're feeling better. I think that the water/fresh veg/fruit/sleep did it. Courage to face that list, girl! And remember to delegate when you can (though I suspect that's not a very Virgoan trait, I know you can do it!).



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Thursday, January 13, 2005  

What a difference a day makes. And how strange when you didn’t really do anything to make the difference. Just wait for the passage of time. Tuesday night was a particularly bad night for the labyrinthitis - so bad I woke up several times in the night with a stomach ache. Once up and about, though, I was fine and I haven’t had any dizziness since - even when I put my head back to look up at the stars. Pressure on the back of my head, at the base of my neck, has caused the worst of the daytime dizziness - but it just ... piff .. went away.

No need to tell anybody why this is good news. We are now down to into the single digits. 9 days to TheWedding! La! I haven’t finished the dress! EEEEEEE! Am I crazy or what? Well, yes I am crazy, but sewing on it when I am not feeling exactly right is a sure fire way to screw it up. ENFP me can only go with feelings and I haven’t felt right for a couple of days. But now I’ve had some good sleep, lots of water and lots of fruits and vegetables. Not enough exercise, but there really are only so many hours in a day. I’ve also gotten some deadline stuff at work done - which goes a long way towards putting me in the right state of mind to do precious hand sewing.

We’ve been so busy with ThingsToDoForTheWedding that suddenly it seems as if there isn’t very much left to do. Or perhaps I should say, there isn’t very much left to plan. It’s just about all in place. Still and all, a little list of TTDFTW might help me see if there is anything I’ve forgotten.


*Finish wedding dress - 6-8 hours
*Get final list of rehearsal dinner guests
*Call or have Bride call restaurant
*Monitor budget & write checks, place in envelopes
*Clean house (+laundry)
*Fix up bedroom for P
*Get refrigeration lined up - (empty Brides & my refrigerator)
*Get punch/cake/coffee ladies lined up (L,M,P,J,C)
*Get final list of OutOfTown guests DONE
*Buy gift basket items
*Make copies of Maps
*Confirm manicures for bridal party DONE
*Get manicure
*Shop with Bride on Friday (makeup, lingerie, L’s hair bow, earrings)
*Trees (consult w/BD)
*BD’s suit (ACK!)
*Table skirts
*Get final guest estimate to P by Sunday night DONE
*Confirm totals w/rental place
*Talk to sister about live room
*Get car cleaned Friday (in time for rain)
*Tidy front yard
*Take down Christmas wreaths (or make into wedding wreaths w/white bows)
*Pick up Ben
*Pick up Cake
*Help w/decorating (remember gloves for girls)
*Find out when photographer wants all of family & let them know

*Pay Bills
*Make calls to school principal and guest speaker
*Contact Sanderbeck
*Library Board meetings
*Clear off desk at work

Well. I’m sure I’ll think of other things, but that’s enough for a start. It doesn’t seem like all that much when we have 9 whole days in front of us - 2 of them holidays and 2 of them weekend days and 2 of them vacation days - but then, we all know just how fast new things will pop up to fill any spare minutes. So it is off to the hemming for me. I’ve got a lovely hour before anybody will be calling for his pipe and bowl.

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