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Bravo! And Royal Purple is such a, well, royal colour! :-) You'll remember to post pictures, won't you?!

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Sounds splendid, as does your day. How's your dad doing? We haven't heard much about him lately...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:19 PM  

That "anonymous" post was from me!


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Wednesday, January 05, 2005  

We are blessed, down here on the farm, to have bald eagles as neighbors. The news, lo those many years ago, when I was young, that they were on the endangered species list was devastating. Particularly since I lived in a city and had never seen one up close and in the feather. As they began to prosper and return in the late 1970’s and early ‘80’s, I would thrill at the sight of one of these beauties, soaring above my wheatfield or seeking, along a hedgerow, for some tasty morsel. Once I rode parallel to an enormous bird, weighed down with its catch, a large rabbit, as we both followed the road. Eventually he found his landmark and made a 90º turn along another bird landmark and flew back to his nest beside the marsh. Always, whenever I am escorted off the place by a bald eagle, I take it as a good omen. Yesterday, I was escorted by not one, but three of them, eyeing me closely, and sending me the promise of successful GMOG dress shopping.

And were we ever successful! The WeddingShoppingFairy sat on Mama's shoulder the whole day. We rolled on into Franco’s, an upscale clothing store, shortly after they had opened. There were very few customers. I’ve found that Tuesdays are very quiet days for shopping, sort of like Thursdays in libraries. We told the clerk we were looking for something wonderful for the GrandMotherOfTheGroom and right away people were all smiles and helpful assistance.

The first thing we saw when we entered the store was a lovely light turquoise dress with a fluttery jacket. The clerk pointed that one out as well as a pink one that I thought had too much gray in the pink. Mama and I both look better in those warm pinks, the one that was so popular last spring, called Azalea - though someone else might call it peach. She has more latitude when wearing pinks, since she’s a softer color all over, but both of us have yellow undertones in skin and hair. We're peachy gals. We took the turquoise dress into the fitting room with us as well as a winter white skirt and an azalea wool blazer. That outfit was really too casual, but oh la! That turquoise dress, the one that was so pretty on the hanger, looked like an oversized nightgown on Mama. We laughed so hard that several clerks came in to see what was so funny. But our clerk was on the ball and came back with a deep royal purple floor length crepe dress with a lovely fluttering jacket that was longer in the back than in the front. It was not in Mama’s size, but we could get an idea of the lines by just not zipping up the dress.

And the idea was fabulous. The straight neckline and wide shoulder straps completely hid any foundation garments. The princess seams on the skirt gave it just enough flare without having to be full. The color was stunning on her. The little bit of beading along the edge, blue and purple bugle beads stitched into the seam, added the barest hint of glitter and glamour. It was the sort of dress that makes a woman stand up straight and hold her head high. Mama murmured that she didn’t see any reason to look further. I, country mouse that I am, feel that you have to cover all the bases on a shopping trip - because who knows when you’ll be back in the city.

Quickly we questioned our sales clerk.

Could we get it in another size?

The store buyer just happened to be in that shop today. She was on the phone in a flash.

What size should we get?

The tape measure was whipped out.

Did they have it in stock?

Yes! And in that color. Yes!

Could it be here in time to do any adjusting or hemming?

Absolutely. And there is a tailor on the staff at the shop!

Now - when you haven’t been shopping for an ImportantDress in a long time, it’s easy to be suspicious if the first place you stop appears to be the only place to shop. We paused a moment, we pondered. We told the sales clerk we wanted to think about it a little but would be back in touch by 3 o’clock. We drove across the river to another row of trendy shops. We found something lovely in Talbots, but it was no where near as lovely as the royal purple. We strolled up and down the rows of shops, looking in and touching and admiring. We got hungry. Finally we admitted that there was no point in denying the perfection of that royal purple dress and besides, we were ready for lunch.

Back across the river we went, into the shop, signing on the dotted line, and almost laughing with excitement and glee. There was a lovely bistro next door, with outdoor tables, open to customers on this 60º+ day. We had a celebratory lunch of wild mushroom bisque and Thai chicken wraps with peanut sauce. It was all we could do to keep from giggling we were so high on the success of this mission.

So, another milestone passed on the road to TheWedding. And like all the others, it was filled with happy people glad to make things work, excited to be a part of something special. Happy clerks. Happy customers. Happy family members. Just plain happy.

It was a perfect day.

posted by Bess | 8:20 AM