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What a lovely post today, dear, it's like I can feel the stress melting away from you with love... Big hugs to you and your beautifully growing family...

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Friday, January 14, 2005  

There is a soft cloudlike place; gentle, supportive, enfolding, where the spirit, once it has exploded past maximum excitement and joy, can float away, heedless and worry free, welcoming of all new energy threads, but secure in the knowledge that in the end it won’t matter- everyone is going to have a splendid time.

Bride and I have both entered that misty world. The lists, the spread sheets, the tasks and phone calls and duties haven’t gone away. We won’t abandon them, either. But we are both there, in that state of bliss. Usually, when I’m working on a massive project, there comes a moment when I know each and every step left to get from point A to point B and once I can tick them off, I’m essentially done. I keep physically doing the tasks, but my soul leaps forward to “the point beyond”. In essence, I begin the next project. In a sense, that’s where I am right now, only, I’m not looking forward to the next project, but rather, looking forward to the warmth of all the guests who are coming to the wedding. To a week of evenings with P in the house. To a weekend with the BKS family and Bride’s loving uncle and my step-son B, oh law, and R&Co. and Mama and Daddy and my sisters, and oh just all these loving people who are coming to celebrate with us. It’s as if I know there is this week-long hug that will begin on Monday and won’t quit till the last person drives off on Sunday. I feel like I’m going to be this big baby in a pair of enormous collective cradling arms.

I hope Bride feels this way too - I suspect she does, based on some things she’s said. Happily, the BoyDarlings are too full of masculine pride to feel anything but gladness. That familiar RockOfGibraltar strength is oozing out of them. I have known these men for 30+ years. I recognize it. Part bravado, but mostly true strength, it is one of their most endearing traits. I’m so glad both of them have it. It will stand Bride in good stead when storm waves crash around her.

I got some work done on the hemming yesterday and Bride came for another fitting. She has lost some weight - and she’s already slender - so I shall have to take in the side seams a tad. A bit more sewing, but still well within our time limit. I also got the guest room ready for P. And some laundry done. And enlisted another friend to help at the punch bowl. Ticking things off the list nicely.

And yesterday I had a wonderful realization occur to me. Like many people, I have struggled my whole life to keep my house neat and tidy and presentable. I’ve failed far more times than I’ve succeeded, but over the years I’ve learned some tricks and developed a few good habits. Yesterday BD had a group of business colleagues come from all over Md. and VA, to work on a major project. And even though I’d had a houseguest for the weekend, and all this wedding stuff to do - it only took 30 minutes to get the house ready for them. By gum, I must be a pretty good housekeeper after all.

Funny the things we take such pride in.

Today we go shopping for makeup and stockings and such. I also need some sort of earrings. Well. It is just the most wonderful thing that I have a weekend ahead full of only stuff I want to do.

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