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Such a happy and sad time, all at once. Topsy was a lucky dog who lived a magical life in doggy terms, and a very long one too. It's good that she saw her boy off on his new married life, and passed peacefully. Maybe his little boy will have a Topsy II someday.

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Friday, January 28, 2005  

Thank you all for your loving thoughts. What a week this has been! Well, my horoscope had promised that I would feel all the emotions a person was capable of - from the highs of the mountain top to the depths of the ocean. I guess I am not surprised.

Topsy was anciently old - something like 117 in dog years. And she lived up to the last day, ready to eat and wandering around the yard sniffing out sunny spots to sleep in. She was William's dog and on Saturday she stood on the walk, watching us leave for the wedding, as if she knew it was an important William day. On Sunday he sat by the fire with her, stroking her head for a long long time. A fitting goodbye from that little boy to "the only dog he'd ever loved with all his heart and soul."

She has passed him on to the girl he loves with all his heart and soul. She died in her sleep, in her dog house, still as handsome in death as she had been in life. We burried her in one of her favorite spots, by the clothesline. Daffodils will surround her every spring.

I'm almost finished with the wedding post - If not today, I'll get it up here by Monday.

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