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Sunday, January 02, 2005  

So. What did Bess discover on New Year's Day?

Only that she won’t have time to think about, much less write down NYRs, or plan for anything else, till after TheWedding.

Duh, Bess.

Of course, taking down Christmas is an enormous task. It’s not just a tree and window decorations. All the pictures have to go back on the wall and all the Christmas music has to be swapped out. All mail/catalogs/fliers/magazines/assorted paper junk, crammed into grocery bags and stuffed under the bed till after Christmas have to be sorted through. Important holidays also mean calling mama and sisters. But I just hadn’t realized how different having another household in the family equation is from having a son who lives next door who has a girlfriend. Now there is also the long happy telephone call to the Darlings followed by a visit from them. It was while chatting with them in the living room, covering the next stage of WeddingDetails, that I began a furious reprioritizing in my mind. From the kitchen I could hear the mop holler “use me!” My brain told it to shut up till the kids were gone. I had a scant 30 minutes to swipe the floors though. We had accepted a precious, but time consuming invitation to a party yesterday and as I sat, at quarter to party, in the bathtub, I realized that there is no way on God’s green earth I’m going to get any resolution writing done till after TheWedding.

So be it.

I’m not calcified. I can plan just as well in February as in January. And goodness, what a January it’s starting out to be. I had all the windows open and was dressed in shorts while I did the clean up work yesterday, to the accompaniment of PowerTools wielded by BD, as he worked on his boat. Or rather, on the trailer. He even took the boat out on the river late in the day.

So today I pick up TheWeddingDress again. Or rather, I pick out the lining, adjust a seam and a facing, re-tack the lining, and mark the hem. There is a little shoulder covering shrug to put together as well. Yikes! I best get cracking.

posted by Bess | 8:22 AM