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Sunday, January 09, 2005  

La. What day is it anyway? It seems like it’s been a week since the last time I’ve posted. Crack-0-Dawn mornings and JamPacked days are the norm around here. It’s less than 2 weeks to TheWedding and each day I think “yup - mostly done” and each day new things pop up to remind me that I’m not done yet.

But it’s mostly happy times, even if the days are packed. Thursday night our dear friend K got in and I was determined to be awake when she got here. We haven’t seen her since the infamous 9/11 week, when she visited us with her darling mother. Her life has taken some exciting and challenging turns and I didn’t want to miss a thing. BD drove into the city to pick her up at the airport while I stayed home to make sure the spare bedroom, piled high with WeddingStuff, was transformed into something of a welcoming oasis. They got it at midnight, though and my nearest and dearest will all laugh in disbelief at even the idea of me awake at midnight. I was, though and we had time to do a little catching up.

Alas, I had to be out of the house by 7:15 on Friday for a class on computer network maintenance for librarians. Yeah. Really. Talk about mental whiplash! Thank the gods and heavens and all the LordsOfGeekdom, the teacher was dynamic, had a fabulous voice and incorporated some clever physical activity into his lecture. He teaches the second half of the class next Friday - which just happens to fall on a day off for library staff. Crumbs on that. I won’t skip the class, just use it to pad out some of my used up vacation time.

The Darlings were over for dinner Friday night and that turned out to be a not-all-that-late night. LD and K graduated from high school together and they had catching up to do, but I was in bed by 11. And out of it again by 6 because we had to be in Richmond at the Wholesale Florist outlet by 8. The morning was filled with wedding activities. The cake is ordered and paid for. The flowers are selected. The bouquet has been thought through. The rental items have been selected. (I did another budget spreadsheet and we’re covered.) Contents of welcome baskets discussed. We paused before we left the city at the Barnes&Nobel, for coffee and stacks of magazines for me. Yes. I scooped up every knitting magazine on the shelf. When TheWedding is a glowing memory, I plan to dive deep into my fiber world again. And I’m going to begin by catching up on all that is out there in KnittingLand. (which I hope will not include ponchos - ugh!)

We were home by about 2:30. The morning had begun foggy and clammy but by afternoon the sky was clearing and the beauty of a country winter sky was etched all around us by bare trees, cushioned by velvety patches of moss and lichen filling up the understorey. BD & K were settling down to watch Collateral but the tape was jammed so we watched something else. After promising that I was putting TheWedding aside for the rest of the weekend - I do want to give K some undivided attention - I mostly buzzed off. It was a long French film. At least it was not gloomy beyond endurance. By the time it was over it was time to head off for the Old Lloyds Hunt Club Dinner with Dancing to Follow.

In fact, we were a little late for it, since it begins early - at country dinner time, 5:30. But there were plenty of people and lots of food. For the second time in 2005 I was swept into sentimentality by the passage of time. How portly and grandfatherly Ben Ellis looks. How cute it is to see Marvin and Shelby still dancing, though they are both so gray. Brooke Heite looks so much like her mother did when I first met her that I kept starting to talk to her as if she were her mom. I had to keep reminding myself that the little toddler she held was her son, not her grandson. Have I too grown that old? I am sure I must have. I was that young thing dancing out on the floor once - but my goodness - it was 20+ years ago. The music didn’t begin till 7:30 and true to history the 13 year old girls were the most excited about it. When their contemporaries wouldn’t join them the dragged out the 8 year olds, who were thrilled to be dancing with the big girls.

I don’t suppose too many people get to go to dances where the parents and grandparents are all sitting around or joining in. Very Pride and Prejudice-ish, if I do say so myself.

“Country Dances? I love ‘em”.

Thank you, Mr. Bingley. I love them too.

So. K has asked me if we can go do some girl stuff together. She’s had 2 full days with BD, who is shivering with delight at the pleasure of escorting a pretty girl about. Now she wants some girl time. She’s requested a trip to the city - to the makeup counter. She reminded me that long ago, on a shopping trip with me to the city, she told me she wanted to come back sometime when she had money to spend. “Now I have ze money”. she said, with wistful twinkles in her eyes.

Who could resist?

Who would want to anyway?

So we will play a little in Richmond and come home and play some more with BD. I think I’ll take a half day tomorrow, too, to spend with her, since her plane leaves Tuesday morning.

I am trying to do healthy things so that I can move strongly through the coming weeks. I haven’t made it to the gym any, and the food situation could be better. I believe I shall eat fruit all day today. And with that I had best go begin the day.

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