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Wishing you and the Ds the very best new year, sweetheart. And, of course, the lovliest wedding!

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Saturday, January 01, 2005  

La - it’s after 9:30 and I’m still just mooning about on the Internet. Happy New Year to all of you. You’ve been a richness in my life this year and I am so grateful. And Amie - it is the Cotton Blossom fragrance. I broke open the bottles last night. No reason the good stuff has to wait till the official day.

The last day of 2004 was packed with the sort of chores I like to do but usually have to cram into not-enough-minutes on a normal Friday. An unhurried session at the gym, grocery shopping, lunch with BH, a little potting about in the shops looking for a GMOG dress, just in case. Once home I gave the kitchen a real cleaning then started dinner. Shrimp/chicken/sausage jumbalya, all full of garlic and hot peppers. We watched All the Pretty Horses on the video machine, me grumbling all the while that no matter how good it was, it was just too durn dark. Not just black, bleak! I didn’t find out till later that it was directed by Billy Bob Thornton, so no duh about the bleakness. BD loved it but I just concentrated hard on the scenery. And then we shredded the movie, the way we always do after we watch a film that invokes any sort of response; emotional, intellectual or artistic.

We were asleep at 10 of midnight when I woke and prompted him to go shoot in the new year. I thought it would be so much fun to answer LD’s shots with our own. Only - LD took all the shells so for the first time in I don’t know how long, we didn’t shoot in the New Year! But we could hear the Young Darlings doing so and that was a sweet sound.

Before I started to write my annual paean about the Joys of New Years Resolutions I read my January ‘04 archives. What a bit of good fortune that was! The first good discovery is that they show up in retreating dates, with January 31 first. That was good because the 1/31 post was so gloomy that I have to be hopeful about this January! The second happy discovery was that I’d written down my WW Body Plan for 2004 and posted it on the blog.

Not that I’ve followed it - but at our last meeting Margaret brought it up and I remembered how much I’d enjoyed putting it together. I was also dismayed at how quickly I’d forgotten it. Well. Last January was the MonthFromThePit - so, I’m not surprised I forgot I had a plan. The sad thing is that I really couldn’t hold on to my weight loss at all, last year. Perhaps if I’d followed the plan ... oh well. I’ve printed it out and will read it before I start my ‘05 NYRs.

Lots of people dislike NYR’s. Some like the idea but hate the name, so they call them different things. Some don’t even like the idea of them - and feel restricted - or even imprisoned by them. Eh. I adore them no matter what anyone calls ‘em. I love it that I can stop the wild ride of life, take a look around, make sure I’m gong where I want, and figure out how to get there. I’ve done it for years. I’ll do it today. No opportunity to do it later, since this January there awaits TheWeddingDress to finish. And not that much time to do it today, since we are going to a neighbor’s house at 5 for a New Year’s Day dinner. (That means black eyed peas, alas. They’re supposed to bring good luck, but every year I’ve served them has been a dreadful year so now they are banned from the Haile house on NYDay.)

So. I have my daytimer to jog my memory. I also have this blog to dig out little nuggets upon which I can reflect. I have the bubble bath, the new notebook, the brand new pens. Guess I better get crackin’!

Just as a quick P.S. the OldFarmersAlmanac dot com says the week of January 22 will be warm but rainy. This is good. Cold and sunny or warm and rainy we can do. Cold and ice though - would be verrrrrrry bad.

Also, MyFavoriteAstrologer’s monthly predictions promise an opportunity to clean out the past and have a very romantic future. Woo woo - sounds pretty good for a stodgy Virgo. Here’s a couple of quotes:

“At the start of January, your ruler Mercury goes right over Pluto the powerhouse. On the one hand, yes, this could see you obsessing and fixating, feeling compelled to say something you know you shouldn't or perhaps even to stick your nose where it's not welcome. However, there is more to Mercury/Pluto that obsessions and snooping, that's for sure. For example, Pluto is like the great Garbage Disposal Unit in the skies, and near your planet Mercury, it gives you a chance to get rid of the crud. Old ways of thinking which have passed their Use By date? Out they go! Thought patterns which you know do you more harm than good? Bin them! Ideas about manipulating someone? Get rid of it! This is a chance for you to spring clean your brain. Seriously.”

“The good news for Virgos who manage to spring clean their thoughts is that your ruler Mercury is also set for a hot date mid-month with that old lover girl of the zodiac, Venus. And what's more Mercury and Venus' meeting takes place in your romance/sex/flirtation zone.”

“Mercury's meeting with Venus is actually only a pit stop of his way to see Saturn, that old taskmaster of the zodiac who is currently hanging out in your hopes, dreams and wishes zone. On the one hand, if you are really serious about your wishes now, if you're taking your dreams seriously, and if you're using all your contacts to help make your fantasies real, you are on the right track. But think for a moment about the people you're surrounding yourself with. Are they encouraging you to believe that you can make your dreams come true or are they stomping on them? Clearly, if they fall into the second category, they need to go! Refuse to listen to people who don't support you in your wishes. Surround yourself with winners.”

That’s a lot for one little month, no?

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