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Wednesday, January 26, 2005  

I'll leave those photos up a wee bit longer - maybe till lunch time today. Then they have to go for a while. If I can figure out how to make the pictures on the WalMart 1-hour photo disc smaller I'll post them today though, so things can remain colorful and interesting. All suggestions about that are welcome. There are hundreds of those photos, since they were taken with the disposable cameras on the reception tables. A few of them flattering of me, and several show just how dumpy I've become. 10 lbs really do hurt, when you have also not been exercising and when you've sucked down diet Pepsi all day long for 2 weeks. Evidently that is my heroin - and nobody needs a daily dose of that much sodium.

I'm writing up the wedding report - in the usual long winded Bessish fashion - and I'm sure it won't be posted till Thursday or Friday. In the mean time, life goes on. No doubt about it, I'm mighty tired - developing that bone aching exhaustion about 3:30 each day. So far I've been able to zonk out for an early evening nap each day, but today I have that postponed board meeting at the library. I suspect it'll take me the rest of this week to get back into the swing of things - to really remember what it is I am supposed to do between 10 and 6 on a weekday.

I'm jumping back into two other neglected areas of my life: fiber and fitness. I was asked, yesterday, to be the guest speaker at a club meeting on Thursday (yeah! tomorrow!!!)and I said "yes". I told them I'd talk about The Joys of Fiber Arts. I figure I can talk about sewing, knitting, spinning, and such for 30 minutes even when I'm asleep. I'll take along my spindles, some fiber and B agreed to bring her wheel. We can give everyone a turn at that ancient art. Hmm. May even drum up some students for a February class.

As for fitness - whoeee! That is going to be a tough one. We still have a huge smoked chicken tureen, made with whipping cream, in the refrigerator, along with 4 dozen bacon wrapped almond stuffed dates in a baggee and a little wedding cake too. There's also about half a gallon of smoked salmon dip - about 1,987,849,185,387 grams of fat per mouthful. It's that good too. I believe that's all of the mega-calorie stuff. There are lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and enormous pounds of cubed cheese, but those are easy to either consume or ignore. It's that danged wedding cake that's the worst. How it whispers to me each time I walk through the kitchen - heck! I can hear it up in my bedroom. "Come to me. Cooooooom to meeeeeeeeee!" it moans. And I find myself resistless - a victim of sugar beyond belief and a perfectly textured pound cake.

Well. It is back on to WW for me, starting this morning. I got in a little walk at the gym yesterday and I'll begin my former fitness routine on Friday. I think I'll do a little pre-Lenten sacrifice this year, and give up diet Pepsi. It may continue on into the full season, but I have done that for several years and I may want to consider something different on February 9. Whatever I end up doing, for now I finally feel like I've had enough. Enough sodium, enough sugar, and enough sloth.

And so - my dear ones - hugs to you all and thank you for sharing this glorious happy wedding with me.

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