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Bess, dahlink! Such a joy to read about such joy! DO remember to get ENOUGH SLEEP (rest?) in the next 2 weeks. Your adrenalin only lasts so long! Hugs!

By Blogger Margaret, at 10:40 AM  

Yes, what Margaret said! Have you scheduled some days off work, maybe a spa weekend, for after the Darlings depart on the honeymoon? You are certainly more than earning it!

By Blogger Catherine, at 6:18 PM  

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Thursday, January 06, 2005  

A general ratcheting upwards of the excitement level has occurred. I spent yesterday afternoon with Bride and P down at the party rental place, selecting dishes, linens, champagne fountains. It was just more fun for us, with an atmosphere of triumph, giddiness and calm confidence pervading everything. I was still high about Mama’s beautiful dress and grinning from the just plain old fun we’d had. Bride was excited that her friend from England was coming. She had sent the invitation because she loves her friend, but with no expectation that she would get an acceptance! P just loves weddings anyway and being with us. Every time she comes down from Richmond I try to get her to spend the night but she’s a good loyal thing and goes home to her man each time. Ha. I will have my triumph, though, since she’s staying the whole week of the wedding. The joke on me was that we drove through Warsaw twice and both times I forgot to drop off the wheelchair. Now, a wheelchair is no small thing and this one is in the back seat because it was too big for the trunk. It's hard to believe I could just ignore it for 2 hours. Well. I will just have to take it over today.

The Darlings came for dinner last night since I needed to measure the hem on the overskirt and I wanted to see how the tweaking I did looked. Most of it is perfect. One little adjustment I made is a mistake, instead, and I’ll pick out the lining again and remove it. The overskirt hem is marked, so all I need to do is begin stitching. The shrug is a perfect fit and the absolutely perfect piece to complete the bridal ensemble. It needs only hemming also. Tiny rolled handkerchief hems, sewn with the silk thread. La. It’s hard to believe TheWeddingDress is almost done. Bride told me she’d looked in the latest issue of Elegant Bride magazine and her dress is splashed all over the pages. She’s not sure if she’s pleased she’s so cutting edge or chagrined that her concept was so predictable. It matters not. The entire fashion ensemble for this event is spectacular - even if it is I saying so.

(and Bess risks the god’s wrath - but Athena, dear, I make no Olympian claims.)

We discussed several WeddingDetails last night, thought of several more people we ought to have invited, decided who among them we could still squeeze through the doors, then the kids went home to make phone calls. Just after 10 the wonderful BedfordCousins called, the cousins of the reunion, the ones who stay with us every August. Joy and happiness and love poured across the wires for an hour and a half as everyone caught up on everything. They’ll be down early for the wedding since W will be one of the ushers, so it won’t be long before I am in a room full of my all time favorite people, some of whom have not yet met each other. I don’t know how I’m going to stand it.

16 days, to be precise.

There is more expansive visiting in store for the Haile family though. When LD was in his last year of high school we became very good friends with an exchange student from Germany. K was in LD’s class and we thoroughly enjoyed having her visit. BD speaks fluent German and when K had struggles with making herself understood, or even when she was just homesick for her native tongue, he provided a welcome antidote. She has visited frequently, both her host family and us and last summer she arranged her vacation so that she could be here in January. It’s a shame we couldn’t coordinate her visit to land on TheWedding weekend, but in some ways, it’s better that she can get here now. This way we can give her some special, undivided attention, while the YoungDarlings go do PreWeddingThings. She’ll only be here from tonight till Tuesday, just a long weekend. So while she will get swept to the wholesale florist market and the WeddingCakeBakery on Saturday, we plan to spend Sunday, just us with K, learning all about her fascinating experiences. She is an embassy employee in Pakistan - and she promised me she would bring photographs!

Oh yes! And this weekend is the Old Lloyds Hunt Club Dinner with Dancing to Follow. You can read all about that here:

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