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Tuesday, January 11, 2005  

Farewell K and hurry back.

BD & K just drove off. She will be on a flight to Chicago in a few hours and he will spend the day doing research at the state library. The house feels empty and I would be pretty durn sad if I didn’t have all the coming excitement of TheWedding to keep me busy. Instead of moping about the house I’ll be clearing out the living room preparatory to finishing up TheWeddingDress.

I plan to unstitch the lining and fix a little seam bulge I actually put in last time. But the real reason I’m redoing the lining is that, when I tacked it in, I didn’t pull it down tight enough. With a strapless dress the lining should be a little bit shorter than the actual bodice so that the lip, the top edge, is pulled slightly into the dress, keeping it snug up against the body. If the lining is the same length, the top edge tends to stand away from the body, since our chests curve inwards at that point too. That little flaw was niggling at me all weekend and it wasn’t till yesterday that the solution clicked on in my brain.

So. That’s your sewing lesson for the day.

And dear, dear LWLY - yes, I know. It is important to not beat myself up over imagined or even real imperfections. I wouldn’t have been so morose yesterday if I hadn’t had a stomach ache. My complaints stemmed, not from exaggerated self-recrimination, but from physical pain - caused by party food on Saturday night sandwiched in between brownie gobbling on both Saturday and Sunday during the day. Nothing like a tummy ache to make a whiny brat out of the most level headed adult. Well. Yesterday was a much more healthy day, even if I didn’t get any exercise in. And tonight is WW. I had thought to go but skip the weigh-in. I think not now. I’ll do the whole thing, not in some punitive gesture, but to keep track of things, much the way I’m keeping track of the WeddingBudget.

Mama’s dress came in yesterday and the alterations will take about a week. She said it would be ready on the 19th. Dad said the dress was beautiful, but not as beautiful as the woman wearing it. Now that’s a compliment worth shopping for!

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