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Hey sweets.
The love, joy, excitement & pleasure of the upcoming event are felt all the way here in Philly. Your excellent planning & the readiness of all things for TheWedding are admirable & inspiring. Have a great week, dear heart - we are pulling for you all.

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Sunday, January 16, 2005  

6 days to go!

People can always find much more to say about a problem than an opportunity. If something is good, we just get on with the business of enjoying it. There's really not very much to talk about. Unless, of course, we want to start worrying about when or whether a good thing can turn into a bad thing! This week, Mercury and Venus form an extremely encouraging conjunction. Nothing good is going to turn bad and several things that have not been looking so good, are soon due to start looking a lot better. There may not be much to say but there will be plenty to celebrate.

Well, isn’t that a nice horoscope for a Virgo. Especially a Virgo who is putting on a weeding this week. A great antidote to this forecast, from weather dot com:

Sat Jan 22 Light Snow 41°/29° 60%

And Bride is a Virgo too. Our birthdays are 3 days apart. No wonder I like her so much.

Well. I refuse to believe it will snow that day. And if it does snow it will be a light dusting, not an accumulating fall. And it can snow a mountain's worth, after TheWedding, just so long as Bride&Groom are heading south. TheWeddingFairy just can’t desert us now.

I also ought to know better than to give myself ultimatums. Nobody who is so process oriented, who loves the doing of a thing so much more than the thing done, will ever live up to her self-imposed deadlines. While TheWeddingDress is, for all intents and purposes, done, there is the possibility of another adjustment after today. I have one small hem to finish on the shrug. I also have a new sewing assignment - or rather, I took on another sewing project. MaidOfHonor visited yesterday with her dress and we had a Fitting/Consultation/FashionShow/PhotoOp/SquealieGirlFest. There has never been such young woman femininity in my bedroom - ever. Plenty of maternal femininity, mind you, even a goodly amount of WiseOldWoman femininity, loving spouse femininity, oh, just lots of other sorts of femininity. But not that much squealy-girlfriend stuff. I would never say I don’t make an impact in my own home, but for all that I have a decided presence in it, it’s always been a boy’s house.

MOH's dress is very chic, very pretty, and very bare shouldered. They both want something to cover her shoulders and she brought with her a magnificent bronze-green shawl. Her dress is a taupe sort of champagne color. We tried a dozen different ways of tying that shawl on MOH, but we couldn’t ever make it small enough to avoid hogging all the attention. It’s just too big a fashion statement. And the bare shoulders are too bare to please either Bride or MOH. At last MOH asked “Can’t you just make something else out of it? I bought this for the fabric, not as a garment.”

Out came the tape measure and up went MOH’s arms. She will get a bronze green shrug, sewn exactly like Brides, but in this interesting fabric. Fortunately, it’s not sheer, so I can dispense with the delicate hand sewing. It will be done today - it’s really only about an hour’s worth of sewing. And there is just something so fitting, so tender, about making part of this very sweet woman's outfit. Besides, I don’t’ have to go back to work till Tuesday. And I don’t have all that much to do, either, before about Thursday.

So. What do I have left to do?

Make offering to WeatherGoddess
Finish wedding dress 2-3 hours
Make MOH shrug 2-3 hours
Call or have Bride call restaurant
Monitor budget & write checks, place in envelopes
Tidy house so Magnificent Sheryl can clean
Get refrigeration lined up - (empty Brides & my refrigerator)
Get ALL punch/cake/coffee ladies lined up (M,P,J)
Find out who has IVY - and beg some off of her
Gather greenery
Make copies of Maps
Get manicure
Trees (consult w/BD)
Confirm totals w/rental place
Get car cleaned Friday (in time for rain/snow?!?!)
Tidy front yard
Help w/decorating (remember gloves for girls)
Visit Chris and pick out serving pieces
Cook ham (BD’s job)
Pick up Dress shirt at cleaners
Make gift baskets
Deliver gift baskets
Confirm about flower girls hair
Empty my refrigerator
Unity candle? Do we have?

(Same old same old)
Make calls to school principal and guest speaker
Contact Sanderbeck
Library Board meetings
Clear off desk at work

A Word About Photos

Several words, actually. I have some photos of making TheDress, but Bride has asked that nothing be posted, even on this blog, before TheWedding. Also, since I don't have a digital camera, the photos will all have to be scanned in. I will do so, but it'll be a while before that is done. Predictably, we will scatter disposable cameras about the reception. There are bound to be some fun shots among them to share.

The photographer will also be posting photos on her web site. This is the usual procedure, now, with most photographers, but this is no usual photographer. She is the one enormous indulgence in this wedding, chosen after much angst and consultation and confereeing but really, there never was a choice. Once she was found, she was claimed, by us all. This is LD's great gift to his Bride.

You can view her work here.

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