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We Canucks expect snow in January -- but then again, you're 'way down South...I will send up prayers for sunshine for your family's Special Day! Hugs to you all!!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005  

4 days to go!

So now it is calling for snow to begin on Thursday and continue through Sunday. Do I believe this? Well. There is snow, and then there is SNOW. I believe if we get anything it will be
But just in case, I will do another little weather dance.

Now for the important, good news:

TheWeddingDress is done!!!

Yes. Well, I have to press it. But I have sewn the last stitch. Finished. Complete. Last fitting approved. Tonight I’ll give it a careful pressing and put it back in it’s bag to hang unmolested, till Saturday.

Oh la. There is so much more I wanted to write about but I have an early morning meeting and can’t linger. Here’s an updated list, though. Got to keep that in the front of my mind.


Make more and greater offerings to WeatherGoddess
Press dress 30 minutes
Monitor budget & write checks, place in envelopes
Tidy house so Magnificent Sheryl can clean
Get refrigeration lined up - (empty Bride's & my refrigerator)
Find out who has IVY - and beg some off of her
Gather greenery
Make copies of Maps
Get manicure
Trees (more consultation w/BD)
Get car cleaned Friday (in time for rain/snow?!?!)
Tidy front yard
Help w/decorating (remember gloves for girls)
Pick up Dress shirt at cleaners
Make gift baskets
Deliver gift baskets
Confirm about flower girls hair


(Same old same old)

I’ll be back with a report about yesterday’s events if I can.

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