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Okay, I'm pulling rank here! As a former MOB, I insist you remember to relax and enjoy! instead of fretting...

Laughter is wonderful -- follow The Groom's advice! Remember the celebration, and determine that you are going to Have Fun, that there may be a glitch here and there, but as long as the YDs tie the knot, and no one gets hurt or sick, you're sailin! I have your Entire Family in my prayers!


By Blogger Margaret, at 11:34 AM  

Offering additional blessings to the Goddess of Weather... and SO Much love to you!

By Blogger Amie, at 11:49 AM  

Fortyleventyhundredkazillion hugs to you, BD and the YD's ... you should have made GD an ANGORA shawl to wear with the Dress ~ just kidding! but hot dang, is it cold out there today!!!

Prayers and promises are being sent to the Weather Goddess to hold off until Monday!


By Blogger Jennifer, at 12:06 PM  

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005  

3 days to go!

It’s almost impossible to believe that there are so few days left before TheWedding. At the same time I’m staggered by all the details left to tie down between now and Saturday. And yet - there ought not be any reason we can’t do them all. And more important, it can’t really matter if we forget something.

Well - as you can see, I am at the down to the wire point. Yesterday I had my first jitter attack. Not really a panic attack, just a fluttery feeling in my stomach. A sensation that something big would have to be scrapped or wouldn’t come off or oh, I don’t know what. I think the trigger was trying to figure out how to get 10 cedar trees, covered in twinkling mini-lights, to stand up in the reception hall if I couldn’t find 10 Christmas tree stands. Yes. Those spider shaped dishes of red and green metal that used to be ubiquitous - back in the days of yore - when I was young. Now days, nearly everyone has artificial trees - or else they are like me and plunk their tree in a bucket filled with broken up bricks. Tree skirts and tulle can hide all sorts of bad decorating architecture.

Now, I’ve known I’d need these stands for 2 months, but have I called anybody about them? NooOHoo. I waited till last weekend to begin calling around. At the Friends Board meeting yesterday I managed to get one stand, and my assistant, L, had one. She said she even knew where it was. I cast my mind over my most creative friends and thought of B, my WW buddy and knitting pal. “Oh yes, I have boxes of 12 of them in my garage. They’re the devil to put together but they’re green.”

Eureka! A dozen tree stands. We can create the winter forest effect after all. This was good news for me but fantastic news for BD, who otherwise would have been drafted into the tree stand construction corps.

Yesterday was a chatty sort of day at work. All day folk were coming in, talking about the wedding, encouraging me about the snowfalls we are expecting - “Oh snow will be so pretty”. Of course, I know that snow falls don’t really mean that no car can go on the highway till it’s all melted, but I always feel that way. Part of the problem is that VA, being in TheSouth (yes. yes, we really are southern. Lawsee me.) That means that we can go years without any snow, or it can snow 26” or we can have ice. But more often than not, we get nothing. So the government doesn’t budget much for snow removal and we never learn how to drive in snow and our cars use the cheaper, lighter weight engine oil so they don’t really run well if it gets cold. It is, after all, Virginia. Wait a while and the weather will change. We were in short sleeves last week, with 70 º temperatures.

The other part of the problem is that BD can grouse for weeks if I take the car out on the road when there is SALT on it. There is no point in telling him that we have a car so we can go places; that if we can’t take the car out when we want to, we don’t really have a car. Salt on his beloved (ancient, cheap, sub-compact) car (minus its hub caps - they’ve all rattled off into foreign ditches) is as bad as graffiti on the Mona Lisa. I am far too tickled by the absurdity of human nature to point out to him that if he decides he must go somewhere, no matter what is on the roads, he does. But I have, alas, internalized his message of snow=salt=stay home. And to be 100% honest, I love staying home so much, it’s nice to be able to say it’s all BD’s fault, when the accusing finger of guilt shakes itself at me.

As I sit here this morning, I can’t remember a thing I did yesterday except meet with the Friends Board, fix the video machine, and catalog a few books. That means, today is the last day to finish the TTDFMOL (ThingsToDoForMyOtherLife). Fingers crossed here.

P arrived last night with a car loaded down with catering supplies. Food, dishes, aprons, and the endless list of other things a caterer uses. What had to be brought inside is now filling the den. Much of that will be transferred to the church kitchen tomorrow, just in time to make up the couch for Ben, my dear step son, arriving on the 8:00 train from Baltimore. The Young Darlings will pick him up in Fredericksburg along with one of Bride’s friends flying in from Seattle.

The YD’s dropped by yesterday to pick up more wedding gifts and go over scheduling stuff and make jokes. LD walked around moaning impricarious rhymes: “The Briiiiiide is Friiiiied - The Groooom is Doooomed.” He had us weeping with laughter in 15 minutes. P worked on hors doeuvres. I managed to lose the print-out of the program without leaving the living room.

This morning I’ll begin assembling the gift baskets for out of town guests who’ll be staying at the motel. I also have to pick up BD’s dress shirt and do something about my coat, which has picked up so many hairs from pets and alpaca sweaters it looks like it came from the Goodwill store. BD is cooking the VA ham. P will be working on food and meeting with Bride and the mistress of ceremonies. La. A MOG’s work is never done.

HA! Don’t you believe it - this is the most fun thing I have ever done in my life. I can’t begin to say how happy and fortunate - nay - how utterly blessed I feel for having such a glorious loving thing to pour myself into. At any time of the day I find myself stopping and just soaking up the joy - accepting the gift of all this. The ripple effect of a joy filled wedding is so wide and so broad and so deep even the most casual participant - a sales clerk or the girl at the motel reception desk - gets caught up in the loving happiness. You wouldn’t believe the number of dull sour faces I’ve seen transfigured into glowing sunshine when asked for help with TheWedding.

I would wish such happiness for everyone.

So - the updated list:


Additional offerings to WeatherGoddess
Press dress 30 minutes
Monitor budget & write checks, place in envelopes
Tidy house so Magnificent Sheryl can clean
Find out who has IVY - and beg some off of her
Gather greenery
Make copies of Maps
Get manicure
Trees - cut
Help w/decorating (remember gloves for girls)
Pick up Dress shirt at cleaners
Make gift baskets
Deliver gift baskets
Confirm about flower girls hair
Make up bed for Ben
Take P to my nail salon
Buy birthday card for special wedding guest

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