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I'm just back from a business trip and catching up on a week's worth of posts - i's just like a wonderful romantic movie! Everything sounds beautiful - much love and best wishes to you and everyone, Bess, and of course I'll offer to the Weather Goddess that she can send all of the snow up north to me instead of to you.


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You all are in my tho'ts & my heart today - there you shall stay through Saturday's festivities. Biggie hugs to you all.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005  

2 days to go!

And we got snow. Yesterday, before the story hour kids had even left it began to flurry and by noon it was coming down hard. By 1:30 the board members were all calling, either to tell me they weren’t coming to the meeting or to find out if it was canceled. I couldn’t do that till about 3:30, when I finally got in touch with the board pres., but it was - postponed till next week. So at 4 o’clock I went home.

Bride, her Mistress of Ceremonies, a friend and P spent the morning at my house making more detailed plans. BD told me he loved having all those women in his house and those of you who’ve been here know that’s how he is. Just sort of hovering around the edges of the feminine circle, soaking up the pink. Unless he plops right down in the middle and pesters. But he knew that WeddingBusiness was no place to be a cute puppy guy. That was real work.

Only P was left by the time I got home, stuffing almonds into an enormous pile of dates and wrapping them with bacon. I washed up and joined her and we got through all 500 of them in quick order. Dinner was pancakes. Afterwards we hammered out the details of the next 2 days. It’s interesting meshing different organizational styles. You could call me MsSpreadSheet, because I like gant charts and self-adding columns. I like schematics. I like to knit from charts. I like those little tabs on the different sections of my notebooks, so I can flip to the page I’m looking for. I’m not obsessive about this, (I don't think) but when I’m working on a project, I’m likely to be the one with the color coded files.

Not everyone is like that. Fortunately, P is another list maker and she didn't find my picky detaily stuff annoying. We are pretty well lined up for whatever happens. Even if it's bad weather.

Right now, P is in Richmond picking up all the fresh produce. We were at the church at 8 a.m. with all the cooking tools and other food. She’ll be back in the afternoon and I’ll join her there as dogsbody and gopher. BD took our car to Richmond to pick up his suite from the tailor and will stop by the organist’s house on the way home to practice with her. He’s playing the flute during the 30 minutes before the service and will also read one of his poems during the ceremony. By that time I will have already done my part and will just enjoy sitting next to Mama in the front pew. Nice, hum?

My duties for the rest of this morning are to press TheWeddingDress and make up the gift baskets.


Additional offerings to WeatherGoddess
Press dress 30 minutes
Monitor budget & write checks, place in envelopes
Tidy house so Magnificent Sheryl can clean
Gather greenery
Make copies of Maps
Get manicure
Trees - cut (Ben & BD)
Help with decorating (remember gloves for girls)
Make gift baskets
Deliver gift baskets
Make up bed for Ben

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