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Thursday, December 30, 2004  

Yes, LWLY, it does help. A lot. Thank you, all of you, for your warmth. It went a long way towards keeping me out of navyblue. So did talking some things over with BD. So did a trip to Richmond with S and a visit to the Durer exhibition at the Virginia Museum (oFA). This quite nice little museum has a very friendly membership option for folk who don’t live in Richmond and S has been a member forever. I am always intending to join but get home and loose the paperwork or just plain forget. I believe that will be one of my New Year’s Resolutions - to join the durn museum.

Anyway, the exhibit was wonderful. There were a few other woodcuts by contemporaries or students and they formed a stunning contrast to Durer’s work. His are so much deeper, more three dimentional - so much more delicate in detail and rich in texture. It was fun to see the variety of faces he used, especially when the same face would pop up in several different prints, now a court flunky, now a peasant in the crowd, now a jeering soldier at the base of the cross. What a thrill to see the originals of these familiar pictures.

Happily, S is always glad to drive so I got to knit on BD’s socks till the light failed. I think I’m ready to start the heel flap. I really ought to pull out Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts’s book
and master her heel technique. That too can go on the NYR list.

Speaking of NYRs, I picked up, not one, but two notebooks yesterday at Office Max. I’m not sure what it is about new notebooks, so full of promise, of possiblities, so very hopeful, but I can’t imagine a January first without having a brand new one to fill with hopes and ideas. As I’ve said before, I have dozens of notebooks full of the Januaries of my life. No reason to be different this year.

Another tool in my arsenal for keeping the blues at bay is visiting people who are glad to see me. BD and I will be off to Richmond again to have lunch with my folks and then go by D&P’s (P of TheWedding) for an afternoon visit-with-chores. The guys have heavy lifting chores that involve trucks and I am going to wheedle P into taking me out to the malls to return unwanted MOG dresses. Let us hope I can return both dresses to the same store, even though I got them at different branches of the same company. I’ll call first, of course.

Oh! and this will mean another long drive-with-knitting! That’s a good thing too.

I didn’t do quite so well staying within my daily WW limits yesterday, but I’m still well within the overall weekly parameters. I see, also, there is time for me to get in a brisk morning walk before we need to head off to the city - but only if I jump off here. Eh bien.
Adieu mes amis.

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