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Yes, I know the drill too, but my inner drill sergeant is AWOL! My small canine drill sergeant is very helpful though, he's pestering me even as I type this. I will bundle up in sweats and take him around the lake. It's been a fattening few days, and the awful cold rainy weather didn't exactly discourage sloth and gluttony. Time to clean up our acts!

By Blogger Catherine, at 8:10 AM  

Your Christmas/Boxing Day sound like mine! Lovely food, lovely gifts, lovely family...Two of our Darlings drive north to Edmonton today, having arrived overnight on Saturday (entirely too short a visit, but they have to work tomorrow). The other (DS) will be filling this house with testosterone the rest of this week (though GF is supposed to arrive Friday to calm him somewhat!)...And I know I put my own Drill Sergeant somewhere.... :-)

By Blogger Margaret, at 10:34 AM  

My own not-so-little-furry-drill-seargeant is too strong for me to do drills with myself - he's pulled loose from GB a few times - but it means we'll be working with him some more on his leash-work, and I'm feeling so ...umm.. FLUFFY can we call it? that I'm yanking out the treadmill that I've ignored since getting a dog... seems silly to walk on that when I've got someone literally panting at my heels, but it must be done...

By Blogger Amie, at 11:18 AM  

Amie, is he cooperative enough to get a Halti collar on him? That's the one that goes over the dog's head (some older dogs resist this entire concept). It makes it a lot easier to control a dog with that kind of four-wheel drive power, he can't put his neck and chest into pulling and it's easier to explain Walk Nice when you're not gasping to control him. (I had a big strong dog, can you tell?) Murphy's Issue is the opposite, he's so small and so heat-sensitive, we didn't walk for months when it was so hot, stormy, etc. We both gained weight, he's up about a pound, which on a tiny dog is a HUGE gain. We will be walking while the weather is this nice, for sure!

By Blogger Catherine, at 5:34 PM  

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Monday, December 27, 2004  

What is the day after boxing day called, anyway? This year I call it Monday, and Monday means I’m off to work in a couple of hours. My biggest tasks this week will consist of checking in the mountain of books that were put into the book drop over the past 4 days. The rest of the time will be spent emptying files of dated material and the never ending cataloging that lurks behind the most efficient looking circulation desk of any library. Happily, we get another 4 day weekend this week. I will be spoiled rotten before the new year.

Our Christmas day was leisurely and caloric, with present opening in the morning (it was a jewel laden Christmas for me, since I had specifically requested PrettyThings) and again right before dinner, when TheDarlings and BH joined us for roast beast and Yorkshire pudding. I made a double batch of the pudding this year and there was only one piece left as I cleared the table. I also made a cake and it was as dry as toast. It’s been well over 2 years since I baked a cake and I just don’t remember much about baking.

Funny how one’s hands can forget things like how bread dough or cake batter is supposed to feel when it is just right. Baking with flour is a magical thing and while one can follow a recipe, if one doesn’t get just the right tactile sensations while it’s being made, even before the dough or batter is popped into the oven, the knowledge that it will come back out tough and/or dry will have already lodged itself into the conscious part of the brain. I knew the way the batter handled in the mixing bowl that this cake wasn’t going to be good. If I’d trusted my feelings, something I ought to do most of the time, I’d have poured some orange juice on it (or some Grand Marnier) before I frosted it. Instead I just loaded it up with a fudge frosting, and that’s really the only part people enjoyed.

The upside of the dry cake, though, is that I shan’t eat any more of it. That is a particularly high upside too - since I have been dithering and shirking and failing at my healthy lifestyle for a long time now - since September in fact. I will give myself some slack about the downward slide, because over the past few months I’ve had a series of the oddest ailments - contagious things and balance things. And TheWedding has absorbed vast amounts of available time and prompted the most awful stress eating - that mindles gnoshing one does without even realizing it. Nevertheless, the scales have revealed all - and it isn’t pretty. I went to WW last Tuesday and I know what the benchmark is - now let us see if some resolve and some discipline can turn things around.

Today I begin repair work on the bod, beginning with a nice healthy breakfast and a visit to the gym at lunchtime. Buried in some corner of my purse is my WW daily record book. I know the drill. I just have to find my inner drill sergeant.

I’m on a WeddingDress hiatus right now. I know this is good because I’m already willingly committed to ripping out the lining and fixing that little glitch I didn’t like but had thought to ignore. But I can’t go fiberless for more than a few days so last night I cast on a pair of socks. That is because I couldn’t find the pair I cast on for BD a couple of weeks ago. This pair is for me - an Opal sock yarn with a wavy K,P design on it.

And so - Good Monday To You.

posted by Bess | 7:46 AM