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You aren't going to tell us which lovely fragrence you chose?

Happy New Year, dearest... may it end with the joy it is beginning with, and you have nothing but the same in between...

By Blogger Amie, at 9:39 AM  

Happy New Year, dear Bess! I have loved 2004 just because we looked forward most of the year to meeting and then, of course, the actual event. All good things come your way.

By Blogger Larry, at 10:44 AM  

If nothing makes you happier than being with those who love you, then prepare for SERIOUS DELIGHT when we get together in the spring!

Here's wishing that the end of 2005 will find you with even more blessings that you have today.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:28 PM  

Okay, I have to ask, which scent did you pick? I'm hooked on their Cotton Blossom, it's light enough to layer and office-friendly, it doesn't smell like perfume, it's just very fresh and clean (good after a long day out on some site visit).

By Blogger Catherine, at 4:51 PM  

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Friday, December 31, 2004  

Nothing, and I mean Nothing, can lift your spirits as fast as being with people who are really glad to see you. My visit with Mom and Dad, while brief, was so wonderful. BD came with me. We have a dear friend who needed his help moving some bulky things (with a Move-By-Saturday deadline attached) so we took the truck. I forgot that doing anything with BD takes lots longer than doing it myself and we didn’t get to M&D’s till nigh on to noon, but we had a gentle lunch and some good conversation till early afternoon when we drove across town to D&P’s. Good news on both fronts, for the guys got the heavy stuff moved and P took me to the mall where I could return the last of the rejected MOG dresses.

I haven’t been in a store since before Christmas and things are pretty well picked over, but marked waaaaaaay down. I had one last purchase to make - my New Year’s Day bubble bath - which is all part of the New Year’s Day Routine. Bath and Body Works had a nice scent that was light enough to layer, using bubble bath and lotion, so I am completely prepared for one of my favorite days of the year: the day of New Beginnings.

But today is the Auld Lang Sine day. I’m going in to the gym early and getting groceries as well. There’s an enormous ham bone that is begging for dried peas. I may peek into some of our local shops to see what they have on sale. Probably check out a movie or two. The Christmas Tree is still so pretty I hate the thought of taking it down. But the living room is so utterly cluttered I’ll be glad to do so. And this year the tree performs an encore later in the month. It will go in a shed in a bucket of water. And on that I shall say no more.

Sunday I pull out TheWeddingDress and snip the lining out, re-sew the left back bodice facing, see if I can tighten up the stitches at the point, replace the lining and then mark the hem. I couldn’t possibly finish the hem on Sunday but I can get a lot of it done and hand sewing hems has grown into one of my favorite sewing tasks. It’s a time to reflect and stroke and sort of bid good bye to a project.

Who would believe there's only three weeks and a day till TheWedding? Like another Christmas rush all over again.

posted by Bess | 7:51 AM