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Saturday, December 11, 2004  

Not much time to be literary today. It’s the weekend at last and we all know what Bess will be doing this weekend. But first I’m going to a shower that BH is throwing for Bride. I’ll report about the festivities tomorrow.

Last night, my dear friend C (of the borrowed sewing machine) dropped by to show me how to put in an invisible zipper. Back in the long ago days of yore, I put a few of them in some clothes and thought they created an interesting look, all smooth seam with no placket, but were far too fragile for ordinary use. The teeth would pop apart after the first washing. No thank you - give me a nice sturdy placket zipper any day. But hey - how often is this wedding dress going to be thrown in the wash? For that matter, how often will it be worn? And the smooth seam opening is exactly the look for this type of dress.

Only, I’d forgotten how the durn things went in. They’re tricky, but rather interesting, and once C walked me through the process, it all came back to me. She and I discussed the skirt also, and I may take her advice and do all the extra width in the skirt with gores instead of gathers. I’ll talk it over once more with Bride, before I begin to cut it out. Probably either way would look fine. C and I also discussed the delicate operation of the back seam of the overskirt and I’ll take her advice and do a rolled handkerchief hem around the zipper opening. I may put gathers there regardless, just to tuck that opening out of sight. A little bit of fullness at center back would be rather pretty.

The trouble with talking with people about this dress - people who sew, that is, - is that I begin to have doubts again. This, I am assured, by Mr. Horoscope, is because of the new moon this weekend. Here’s what he says:

As the Moon grows new, this weekend, there's a slight sense of tension in the air. People often feel pensive or apprehensive when the Moon is on the verge of vanishing. Early next week, that mood will give way to one of renewed enthusiasm.

And I am particularly charged to:

be compassionate and gentle: show good will to all... Avoid malice and pride.

Hmmm good advice.

And with that I’d best be getting ready for a party.

Lawsee - it’s only 5 weeks to the wedding! Imagine that - what will I have to write about after that?

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