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Lucky again! That you look good in beige, I mean. I don't wear the brown spectrum well -- except dark chocolate, that is...

Come to think of it, the MOG at my DD's wedding wore cream...she's a very petite (under 5') blonde gal, and it suited her down to the ground!

Remember, when the Big Day is through, we want pictures!! :-)

By Blogger Margaret, at 10:17 AM  

Yay for the perfect MOG dress! How wonderful that you and GD love it!

By Blogger Amie, at 11:17 AM  

Congrats, dear heart, on finding the perfect MOG outfit! Sounds gorgeous.
And re your jacket from this same shop, I loved you in it (you looked so cool) at the KR Retreat. Never would I have tho't of "Dynasty" or the clothes they wore. You are in an entirely different category from them.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:24 PM  

Yay! Congratulations!

By Blogger Catherine, at 7:18 AM  

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004  

Let us speak now of beige. The OED defines it as “A shade of colour like that of undyed and unbleached wool; yellowish-grey” and give an instance from the Daily News of March 1899 “The creamy lace will be deep enough in tint to be beige.” Another quote just thee years previous: “The colour of grass lawn is technically known as beige. In 1899 that same source assures us that “Beige is the coolest possible colour”. How timely that such a quaint idea translates into the hip jargon of my youth. Then there is this lovely quote from the British Weekly of June 24, 1926. “The dress of beige lace is very much liked just now.”

Of course, like any hue, there is Beige and then there is Beige. Just ask Catherine, of the Cream-in-My-Coffee wall paint, which is not to be confused with the Coffee-in-My-Cream or the Coffee-Spilled-On-My-White-Silk-Blouse. All of them are beige. There are grey beiges and yellow beiges and pinkish beiges. There is a beige for every possible complexion and most social events.

Alas, beige has many unpopular connotations. Think here: beige personality; beige food, from both good and bad perspectives. Republican beige, in blue states, is an object of mocking disdain. But remember, beige is also the new black - so I am assured after a quick scan with the metacrawler search screen.

But most of all, beige is what the Mother of the Groom wears, along with an inscrutable smile - so I am assured by every MOG article I can find. And since the only other options out there in the dress up clothing sections are black, plum, navy and white, it is fortunate that I happen to look very good in beige. Especially a beige with some warmth to it.

Those who know or love me well enough to have [virtually or irl] peeked into my closet are aware of the 4 other MOG dresses I’ve already purchased. I’ve returned one, will take back another, am tempted to keep the third and intend to keep the fourth - it was a beaded silk summer dress marked down to $45 - and I am sure there will be some summer event I’ll be invited to, sometime, that is fancy enough for beaded silk. TheWedding is looming and I am running out of free weekends and vacation days and the thought of facing the shops once again, only to be swathed in black or otherwise disappointed on my fashion quest has begun to drag on my spirits.

Clothing matters to me, perhaps a little too much, and dressing for an event is near the top of the things-that-are-important-to-me list. I can’t really say I admire, nor have I ever wanted to be, one of those women who just toss on anything old thing, even if I can be impressed by their nonchalance. For me, clothing is an important part of every setting and I like to have just the right thing at just the right time.

Shopping in our little town has consisted of Walmart sole, for about a decade. A few years ago a funny little southern chain department store opened, but they don’t run to evening wear or otherwise dress up stuff. Just this summer a small boutique opened up, a surprise of a shop with a delightful collection of gift/jewelry/toiletry/clothing at reasonable prices. I picked up a very chichi suede jacket with such a fluff of a fur collar for my birthday and always feel very Dynasty when I’m wearing it. I check the shop about every other week because you just never know what you might find there. So, on Monday, when P was visiting, I dragged her upstairs to see those suede jackets - I knew they had one in a blue that she really ought to own - and what do you suppose was hanging on the rack?

Yes. Beige beaded silk blouse with matching crepe skirt - in my size! Yep. 25% off. Yep. Almost exactly like the grape beaded silk I’d returned already, because the color made me look like a corpse in a purple shroud. Not too tight, so I can enjoy TheWeddingFood. Not too loose, so that I looked shapeless. Not too long, it was a petite and I wonder when 5’6” became petite. I don’t have to have the skirt hemmed. I love it when I can find a petite size that’s big enough around, because usually the cut between ribcage and hip actually fits me better. But I don’t wear a P10 - and often that’s is big as petite sizes go.

Best of all, it is the beige that makes my skin glow. No new makeup needed, no fidding or tweaking. Just the perfect warm energizing beige. No fading into the background, but no hogging any of Bride's limelight either.

So. Victory at last. I have my dress and my shoes and I think I’ll borrow one of P’s beaded bags to carry and won’t I just look splendid. Bride saw it and was so happy because she wouldn’t have told me to not wear the winter white suit. She knows how hard it’s been to find something and how little time we have left, but she didn’t want me to. TheWeddingFairy tossed dust at last. I am sure it is reward for my dedicated WeddingDressSewing.

Today is my last day of work before a long Chirstmas weekend. It will be spent doing absolutely nothing and wondering why anybody would want to check out a book when he’s going to get one for a gift in 3 days. Still. I must be there and besides, it’s payday. I love December with all it’s short work weeks.

posted by Bess | 5:21 PM