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Dear Heart, VirgoSis here understands completely! I too am back on the WW a year off has put too many lbs on! We can do this...make the lists, tick off the Finished Objects, compare notes, say a little prayer...


By Blogger Margaret, at 9:43 AM  

Big hugs from someone who's back on the WW Wagon more of this "can't make the meeting for work" for pity's sakes, Amie, you know what the food plan is, whether or not they see your face every week. There's just no reason for letting my health go the way I have...

Hugs hugs hugs!

By Blogger Amie, at 10:45 AM  

I am on the same exercise wagon as you are - I have returned to Curves as of this AM (1st time since 12/24) & it felt good. Although I have not eaten tons of extra "stuff" over the holidays, I know that what I have eaten has stuck to me. Waa, I want it off & off it will come.
And as a Virgo, I am a list maker too ^..^ Let's hear it for lists!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:23 PM  

May I be an honorary Virgo? I totally get the self-recrimination thing. Will it help to conquer the blueness to remember how many people adore you?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:16 PM  

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004  

I’ve been feeling a little blue the past few days. Unfortunately, when that happens I can quickly slide downhill into a pit of self criticism only another Virgo could understand. An internal audit of recent behavior doesn’t uncover any blatant sinning on my part so I am assuming the blue devils have a dietary origin. Another WW meeting offered plenty of reason to feel low as I watched the scale creep upwards yet again. Time to attack this enveloping fog before it completely darkens my life and dims the lives of everybody who has to be around me.

List making is one of the things that can help me ward off impending doom or slog my way through it if it overruns my defensive ramparts.

First off: there is entirely too much chocolate in my house - heck - in my life. I believe I am developing a psycho-allergy to the stuff. The combination of a deep seated belief that chocolate ought to be a treat and the depressing effect of it’s chemical reaction in my system is enough to trigger all sorts of downward spirals. I believe I shall have to banish it from my life - at least temporarily.

Second: there is not enough exercise in my life. I have known this for months - ever since I got slapped with strep throat last fall. The string of minor, but tangling ailments that followed, coupled with WeddingDressAngst just about eliminated physical activity from my days. That is at an end. Starting now, 30 minutes daily is as non-negotiable as my morning coffee or water or sleep. No matter how much anybody whines that “I’m never home”; no matter how much trouble it all seems, never less than a walk out to the mile point will be permitted - rain or shine. Believe me, I’m well equipped to fulfill this since I have great walking trails around my home, a gym membership and home equipment - really there’s no excuse for not exercising daily.

Third: my days feel unplanned, as if I have to wing it, responding to stimuli, not making deliberate choices. If I were on some golden beach, beneath blue skies, with handsome young men bringing me fruity drinks on trays that would not be a bad thing. Alas, Mon-Fri I am supposed to be at work, and my weekends for the next few weeks also have their claim me. Yet each day feels like a foggy evening. The only cure for this is to map out the day. The first half hour of each day must be given over to planning, not just at work, but for a while, even on the weekends. Mind now, I actually like scheduling things, even scheduling goof off time. Come February I can revisit the weekend duty but till TheWedding I better keep things pretty tightly focused.

Fourth: get with the WW plan. It’s a wonderful program for someone like me, not just because its food recommendations are so sensible, but because it has a list of strategies for dealing with the emotional side of food. There are 10 little “tools for life” they offer and I will pick one each week and concentrate on incorporating that into my life. The first one is to set your goal and I’m going to put some serious thought into just what it is I want. Spending time thinking about me and what I want can be a bit of pampering I can give myself each day.

Fifth: and not the least of them, either - it’s time to pray. My prayer is deeply personal, lots of folk wouldn’t even call it praying, but it’s my thing and, like exercising, its another one of those utterly good things to do that for some reason is easy to put off till later. Suddenly later becomes long ago and I find myself looking up and wondering where I am. Worse yet - I am usually lingering out in space, like Wile E Cyotee, run off the cliff and about to crash to the ground below.

So. There’s my list. I think I’ll print it out and carry it around with me.

Hmm. I feel a little better already. Sort of medium blue instead of navy.

posted by Bess | 7:50 AM