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Tuesday, December 28, 2004  

It is so durn cold this morning I can’t offer my usual erudition and wit. I’ll just kick out a quick update on ThingsInTheCountry.

It was good to go back to work if only to stop grazing in the kitchen. It was a slow day - in fact, the whole month has been extraordinarily slow at work, and for the first time in ages the circulation stats are down. Hmmm. There is a glimmer of something in my brain about that - best spend some time pondering.

I am reading an interesting new biography of Josiah Wedgwood. It is not well written, but it offers an interesting point of view about the dissenting religions (Wedgwood was a Methodist Dissenter) and their belief in the possibility of the improvement of man - and as such - man’s lot - and the role they played in igniting the scientific research that fueled the industrial revolution. It must have been a welcome relief from either the Catholic and Episcopal orthodoxy that kept every man in his place or the depressing Calvinistic doctrine of predestination. Ugh.

In another life I dabbled in pottery and still do love dishes more than any other piece of household furniture. I think the main reason I was in such a hurry to grow up and move into my own place was so that I could have my own dishes. I have loved Wedgwood, Spode, Meisen, you name it - since I was about 8. I even own some! Reading about the rise of the Staffordshire potteries is fascinating - even if the author is so PC he won’t even make a statement unless he can verify it with irritatingly superfluous quotes. Sheesh! It really is all right make claims in a biography - and it’s far more succinct.

While chipping away at the mountain of books returned over the weekend I succumbed to the temptation of a little Christmas mystery story by Monica Ferris, Crewel Yule. It rode home with me and I started it last night. It’s just a tiny fluff of a story but it’s fun. I’ll finish it tonight.

And hooray for me, I found the missing socks; the socks made from Jen’s yarn that are supposed to be for BD. They were in my gym bag, which lives in the car. No wonder I couldn’t find them anywhere in the house. So now I have a choice of little projects to play with. I shall be riding to the city both tomorrow and Thursday so there will be plenty of time to knit. Let us hope they don’t languish too long in Second Sockdom.

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