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Bess, have I told you lately that I'm in total awe of you? Your design is ever-so-much lovlier than the "original," and your skills are just amazing. Can't wait to see pics of the dress...with Worth in it!


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Sunday, December 12, 2004  

I’m taking a break from TheWeddingDress. I’m at a good point - no at a superb point - in the process, if not quite as far along as I’d hoped I’d be today.

Each of the 14 unique skirt pieces is cut out. Now there are only 84 feet of seams to sew. That’s an estimate, of course, it’s really a little more but the skirt seams average a yard or so and there are 14 of them to be done as French seams - which means sewing them twice. There are two gleaming spools of silk sewing machine thread with which to do this task.

I’m particularly excited about the skirt. When I pinned the front pieces together I knew it was right. It swayed and swung just the way I know Bride is longing for. Sort of the Scarlet O’Hara picnic dress, but New York-ey. There’s just something magic about a skirt that dances when you wear it and there are so few occasions for grownup women to wear them.

The bodice is assembled, though not pressed. The bodice was the tricky part - the part with all the horizontal gathers across an asymmetric line with a fitted waist. Curves and angles, I’d call it. That, though, is done and lovely if I do say so myself. When the two skirts are seamed I’ll lightly gather their top edges together so that I can make any adjustments needed when I join bodice and skirt.

Next comes the zipper - which I shan’t get to tonight. I am thinking of just putting the whole thing in by hand - so much less stress, if far slower than using the machine. I shall certainly baste it in first. But hand sewing through all that fabric might take the finish off my fingertips. We shall see - it’s something I can ponder over the next few days and sit down fresh on Thursday to put it in.

Then I’ll assemble the bodice lining and insert that, hiding all the skirt/bodice seam edges inside. Hmmm. After that is just miles of hemming. I will hem the silk organza skirt by machine, but I’ll probably hand sew the taffeta hem. I have always liked hand hemming.

Then there is the petticoat that is needed to make the skirt stand out - though it’s so widely gored if Bride were to twirl it would flare out almost like those circle skirts from the ‘50’s. That doesn’t have to be so exquisitely sewn, but there are miles and miles (and miles) of gathered net ruffles to make. I will just sew ribbon on the hem of that if I ever remember to purchase the ribbon.

And then I shall be done.

So - there is time for a little of that seaming before I call it a day.

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