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Bess, Darling! Brave Ambitious MOG! I do hope you find something to wear for the Festive Occasion...I was fortunate as MOB not to be making The Dress, and was able to knit m'self a Little Lace Top (in hot pink!) to go with a purchased black organza skirt. I am a "Winter" in colouring, so wear strong colours *all the time*. Find The Colour that makes you feel *luscious* (like a million bucks) and go with it! Hugs...

By Blogger Margaret, at 10:06 AM  

I must second the *tsk* and also the recommendation to see if it is dyable or available in other colors. You will be the third most important person there (Bride, MOB, then MOG... Groom is somewhere around 23rd for importance) and will be very visable.

I think you'll be beautiful no matter what you choose, though!

By Blogger Amie, at 11:05 AM  

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Thursday, December 16, 2004  

I wrote yesterday’s post in the few minutes I had in the morning, but evidently I forgot to post it. It was a somewhat mad-dash sort of day anyway, what with doing some errands for BD, the last Christmas Story Hour and BH’s custody hearing. That one went nowhere - since, as long as the children aren’t showing serious signs of performance difficulty and both parents say they want physical custody of the children and there is no evidence of physical danger from either parent, the judge has no reason to favor one parent over the other. The longer things are this way, the longer they'll stay this way. Well - when they were all together in one house, BH did all the child raising, countering all the damage el creepo did on a day to day basis. She still does, but now she does it every other week. I’m not sure which is more difficult, but the job hasn’t changed even if the location has. At least she doesn’t have to eat across the table from him any more. Doesn’t have to do his laundry or pick up after him. That has to be something of a plus.

There is nothing so bad as a bad marriage. Give me a bad job any day.

But instead, today I have a good job. I’ll be sewing on TheWeddingDress. Not only that, but I have the whole house to myself. BD works every Christmas up in Fredericksburg for the Salvation Army. First he spends a week assembling bicycles and other boxed toys. Then he spends a week helping deliver the gifts. He comes home exhausted, but full of happiness and funny stories and, of course, since most volunteer organizations are womanned rather than manned, supremely flattered by all the admiration he most deservedly gets. It’s such an upper he’s happy for weeks afterwards, still telling little bits of stories about things that happen when you work in such a people oriented organization. He works at home, alone, so this is a wonderful way for him to plug into the community.

Anyway - since nothing but sitting in dreary courtrooms occurred yesterday I’ll log off and come back with a sewing update later.

P.S. BH tsks severely at the thought of wearing Winter White at TheWedding and said I must go shopping at Libbie and Grove in Richmond - where all the West End Matrons shop. Sigh. I suppose she’s right. But that will have to wait till after Christmas - because weather dot com says we’re going to have snow on Monday and on Christmas eve. No trips to Richmond for me before then.

posted by Bess | 7:16 AM