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Would it be possible to get that winter white suit dyed a color more to your liking? Or failing that, can the store get it in another color from their supplier?

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I'm reading about your MOG dress struggle and remembering my mother this past summer shopping for her MOB dress. It was horrendous. I've never seen so many ugly dresses in my life. She didn't want to look like the dowered MOB in a cheap pastel color. She ended up wearing the only dress that she found that she liked. It was stunning. So I understand your frustration. Good luck finding the perfect dress. I think my mother had a harder time finding a dress than I did finding a bridal gown. :)

erica :)

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004  

Brrrrr. It’s really cold today. “19 º”, says weather-dot-com and I’m bundled up in pj’s, sweater and BD’s winter coat, because the office is the second to last room in the house to warm up.

I stopped taking the AlegraD on Monday morning, since I was going to the dr. Tuesday and I wanted to know how I really felt, not how I felt masked by medicine. Fact is, I didn’t feel all that bad by the a.m. and did feel a tad bit of a fraud when I finally (after the requisite idle hour wait in the front room) saw the guy. The verdict is acute vestibularitis, just like the first doc said, brought on by allergies. My nose is white where it should be pink, my ears are pink where they should be white. AlergraD is a good medicine but he gave me something to spray up my nose, saying it is even better and come back when the serious allergy season starts up. The good news is that I may never get vestibularitis again. The bad news is that by the evening I could really tell I hadn’t taken any allergy medicine for 36 hours. The dizziness had returned by the time I got to bed.

Ah well. Why should I be surprised when I live in the land of swamps and mold, I heat my house with wood and I have two dogs who think they are bed ornaments. I always figured sooner or later I’d move up the ladder of allergy medicines. Guess it’s sooner, now.

But once done - I was free to do some serious shopping - of the Christmas variety and the Wedding variety. First of all was to return one of the dresses I bought last Tuesday. It’s exactly the shape and fit I want but the color is so wrong I look like Corpse of the Groom's Mother, not MOG. While there I tried on one of those brocade suits with the fake fur collar. I sort of like the look. I really liked the color. But it’s not the absolute nicest fake fur and anything but the very best, in that line of clothing, looks so cheap. Sigh. It’s the only thing of color that I really like.

Then it was off to P’s house to hug, hear about her just completed 11 day cruise of the eastern Caribbean. P is also doing the catering for TheWedding so we chattered about that plenty. We checked out the wholesale florist in Richmond and she picked up the paperwork to register with them. Oh my heavenly stars. So many beautiful things - such prices. Lawsee - it’s enough to make a florist out of me.

We pried into every crevice of that place and then headed out for serious shopping. First stop was a Big Lots where we hit paydirt in both C and W categories. We found fabulous silver votive candle holders in an abstract shape, punched with stars - perfect for the winter wonderland effect we plan for the reception and delicious glass vases for the serving tables, everything under $4.00!! I also did some major gift purchasing and short of 2 presents, I’m finished with my shopping. Cool.

Then it was off to the mall. I’m still in search of the MOG dress. I may just tie a friend of mine, a tailored suit sort with a tomboy figure who’s daughter had a glitzy New York wedding and who bought 6 MOB dresses. I have, so far, plunked down $ for 3 and I’m still not absolutely sure any of them are right.

Alas, it’s just so durn difficult to find something that isn’t either dowdy, sexy or white, in the formal wear department. And that is if you are lucky enough to find something that fits. And even if the fit and color is right, the style can be so utterly wrong you can’t wear it anyway. There was a really nice burnt red colored suit that fit but made me feel like a sausage. The clerk and P were agog with enthusiasm because I have a Mae West/Dolly Parton figure and this suit sort of screamed the fact. Only - if you are shaped like that, and you aren’t Dolly Parton or Mae West you hate how you look, yearn to wear those long slinky tunics with silky skirts and wouldn’t be caught dead in something with a high waist. Like curly hair or freckles - nobody likes what she has and is sure the other person got all the luck.

I found a darling beaded silk outfit in white with spring time colored beads in green and peach and marked down to $45 so I bought that to wear to somebody’s warm weather event. I also found the exact fit and style outfit - a jacket, scooped neck side zipped top and long slim skirt in something that feels like brushed tencel, but it’s almost the same color as TheWeddingDress. Unlike the burnt red suit that made me feel like Porky the Pig in drag, this suit’s cut, color and fit made me feel like I could really get down and party - and even sit for 30 minutes in the church without squirming. It really is lovely on me but, alas. It is white! At least, it’s vanilla. P assured me so firmly that it’s okay to wear winter white (I’m sure that’s the name of the color - like those wool suits you can buy each January) that I succumbed. It is lovely. I do have it at home. I’m still not sure it’s proper for anyone but the bride to wear white at a wedding - even vanilla white.

Well, who cares how I look?

Well. I do.


And today is the hard day because I must drag my soul from the Joy of TheWedding to the flip side - the agony of divorce. It was supposed to be the final hearing for BH’s divorce. It looks now like it will only be the final custody hearing and, aside from the fact that the soon to be ex is definitely not a pleasant man with a major negative reclusive attitude about life, which he encourages in his children - typical alcoholic’s attitude - “It’s not my fault. They made me do it” - my gut feeling is that so long as he doesn’t show evidence of a physical danger and as long as he says he wants custody of his children, and the kids are not showing overt signs of mental deterioration - the judge will continue the 50/50 physical custody decision.

Is it best for the children? I wouldn’t think so - but I know the parties and think that much negativism is bad for any kid - but I am also emotionally involved. And best is not really possible to adjudicate in most situations. Preventing the worst is often possible. Providing the best is not. Even the best under given circumstances.

Well. I shall be glad when this day is over.

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