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Saturday, December 04, 2004  

Brrrr. It’s 23º again - typical winter in the south temperatures - with cold mornings that warm up to jacket weather in the afternoon. And it’s the weekend at last. Not that my weeks at work are all that strenuous - in fact, this is a fairly quiet time in a library. December is our slowest month for patron visits and book circulation. Everybody is shopping, not borrowing, and who has time to read when there are Christmas preparations to get underway?

Still, library work is a lot like being a mother - it never seems to get done. We complete tasks, but while we’re doing them, new projects, tasks, and responsibilities seep in. I suppose all work is like that, but in library work, it never feels like you’ve finished anything. Or, perhaps, if I am more honest; with an ENFP like me, I never feel like I finish anything. By the time I’m being praised for one accomplishment, my brain is already listening to the thrum of the next project.

Anyway the next month at work looks to be fairly easy and the following month will not be strenuous - just ... well, I’m skipping all the politico stuff this year so it will hold only a board meeting and the preparations for a series of programs we’re offering in February. Hmmm. Well. I see I actually do have some important groundwork to do this month. Nothing like stream of consciousness writing to prod important information out of deep hiding places. Three cheers for Blogging!

So on the front burner today is WeddingDressSewing. I’ve got my steps mapped out:

* cut out the net for the overdress
* sew the shirring on the back bodice
* join front and back bodice
* sew dress and overdress skirt pieces together
* attach skirt to bodice
* insert zipper (ugh. I HATE to put a zipper into a completed garment)
* sew bodice lining to bodice
* press, trim and edge stitch inside bodice lining
* tack bodice lining to bodice inside
* make petticoat (gather 100 miles of netting)
* have bride try on outfit.

Whew. What a day.

With that, I’d best be off.

posted by Bess | 8:06 AM