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Saturday, November 20, 2004  

Who did I think I was kidding? Down time? Alone? A moment to center myself? HA!

Not when there is a Big Darling who is being a BigStrongRockofGibraltarManlyDarling who says “spend some time with me”. Besides, he’s off today on a work jaunt, promoting the Jamestown Festival stuff and being feted and admired as the expert. I’ll have a couple of hours after work - and I’m going to take them.

I also realized that I am not getting to the gym and the only way I can see to get there is to go in early and the only way to do is to curtail my morning computer time (and did you know this sort of run on sentence is a literary device that comes from the bible? At least, that’s what Professor Potkay says). I don’t want to stop writing the blog because it’s becoming something of a wedding diary, but I'm going to give up my daily blog reading. That’s the only way I can see to slipping in what I realize is a vital component - exercise. I’m not only not getting those extra lbs off, I’m having to make room for the added fluffiness the remaining lbs are morphing into. This is not good. If we are going to have a blow out smash of a wedding party and I’m going to be the number 3 woman - by golly - I am going to be a slim number 3. Slim and trim and put back into my clothes woman. Besides, with the wedding taking place down here I have far more responsibilities (and visibility) than most mothers of the groom. Besides that, most of the guests are our friends and I want to impress them - ha! who cares about strangers who will go away and forget you. There is that element of competition involved - can I look as good as the MoG as the last Haile MoG did? (I can)

Oh law - we are so absurd - we humans, with our rituals and petty emotions and idiocy.

But mostly I need to get healthy and my sciatica is acting up. It didn’t bother me all summer, when I not only visited the gym fairly regularly, but also wore flat sandals. So I may have to change my shoes. This is not good. I adore shoes. But I adore feeling good more, so if I have to switch to ugly shoes I will. Not for the wedding, mind, but for daily wear - yeah - I can do that.

And I will make the changes in schedule that I need to and the big loss will be blog reading and Knitters Review Forum reading. Well, so be it. It’s only for 2 months. I’ll just have all that fun catching up with buddies come February. Let us pray for lots and lots of snow, late in the winter, here in Upper Tidewater Virginia.

As for more important stuff, yesterday P, the Young Darlings and I went to the fire hall to check out the space. It’s plenty big enough for our needs and has a great kitchen. I don’t actually drive down the road to the high school much any more so I had forgotten that the fire hall was actually past the old John Deere store and the livestock market. There are a few trees and then a broad grassy area and then the main Volunteer Fire Station with Fire Hall. So the actual site isn’t quite as industrial as I’d feared. After plunking down the deposit P&I left the kids and drove up to look at Vauter’s Church.

It was a lovely gray day, mild, but promising rain. It’s early in the hunting season so trucks clustered along the highway, with Men in Orange everywhere, even in the church yard. This is the church I wrote about last March; the church with all the ghosts - with 300 years of community. I am not Episcopalian but the Hailes are. Their church is St. Paul’s, but I despise the minister there (she is evil and has gone over to the dark side) and besides, it’s more than 20 miles from us. We live in Saunders territory; and Ellis and Wright. All the Hailes are “somewhere in the woods between the Rappahannock and the Mataponi” as their old colonial patent states.

I’m surprised I can’t find a better photo of the church already posted somewhere, since it is a stunningly beautiful place. I will have to take one and post it myself. Part of its beauty is that it stands alone beneath the trees, the parish hall a separate building, unlike most of the architectural tumors people have grafted onto their beautiful old buildings. Of course, I don’t belong and I’m not on any church vestry, so it is not for me to say what any group of people ought or ought not to do with their churches, but I will say that - if for no other reason than esthetic value, I feel more akin to the Vauter’s crowd than the St. Paul’s.

We scoped out all the colonial beauty and then I took P back to her car and was home by 2. The afternoon was spent sort of dopily hanging out, riding off with BD to get dog food and checking the countryside for sources for cedar trees - because we have a Fan Tastic plan for decorating the fire hall. And - of all things - casting on the sock yarn I got from Jen. I realized I needed something I could pick up and put down and not have to worry about where I left off, for those times when my hands needed to do something and but not my brain. So, there is knitting content after all.

The kids were by late in the evening to pick up our address books. List making abounds and plans are humming in brains. Now, BD’s off to the Chesapeake Bay and I’m headed for the gym. I’m training my new staff today so I have to be at work by 10, but I get off early in the afternoon and I’ll have several hours to myself - after I buy the Thanksgiving stuff. Maybe then I’ll get that core time. Or maybe not. Well - we will work with what we get.

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