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Thursday, November 04, 2004  

Well, my dears, Blogger ate yesterday's post and today's first attempt has become mired in stupid verbiage. I have some important prep work to do for the retreat so I shall not try to be literary. Just post a few words about what's going on in a diary-like entry.

GD rode in to work with me yesterday and we spent my lunch hour calling around about wedding things. After work the young darlings and I visited one reception site and sampled the catering. Delicious food, nice room, not out of the ordinary prices. GD wants to check out one more place that is also in her $ and sq.ft. range. She’s getting down to a decision point about place and exact date.

In the mean time I’m getting down to the wire with KRRetreat stuff - and in fact will log off and finish up the last sample before going to work. Tonight is a second ESL Family night at the library so it will be a long day.

Thank goodness I have a long pampering session tomorrow at the nail salon. Ahhh.

posted by Bess | 6:26 AM