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Oh, do tell us all about the wedding - we want to be in on the fun, too!

So glad you're feeling better, dearest! I always miss you when you aren't posting, and hate to hear it was because you weren't well (but don't mind at all when it's because you're knee deep in wedding fabric!!!)

Love to all your Darlings!

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Friday, November 26, 2004  

Well, dearies, the golden sunshine lasted just long enough for me to shut off the computer and take BD a cup of coffee. Then thick wet clouds rolled in from the west and we had a drizzly damp day of it. No rain actually fell after about 10:30, though, and by noon, when guests began arriving, it was just another gray November day, mild enough to go without even a sweater.

Everyone came early yesterday. Most folk were here by noon. I like to sit down to eat at 2:30. We’re nearly always done by 3:30 and then there’s time to take this magnificent walk down the lane, out into the middle of the field, round by the east woods and out along the open stretch to Robert’s Landing, returning in the glow of a sharply slanted sunset. I’m sure I wrote about this fabulous walk in last year’s Thanksgiving post - and the magic of it hasn’t lost a glimmer of it’s pixy dust, but it has been a long time since I’ve actually gotten to make the whole walk. Just as the wee toddlers have grown big enough to make the trek, some of our more senior guests have grown too old. Yesterday the weather contributed to the brevity of our walk because everybody showed up in light wraps or none at all and while we ate, Canada blew us some cold air. Everyone except two intrepid fellows got too cold on the walk before we’d even reached the half mile point.

The day was all that Thanksgiving is supposed to be, though. Three generations of family, new friends, old friends, cousins. Over the rivers, Through the woods, I’m not a grandma yet, but LD’s grandma was there and his grandpa too. Enormous piles of food, though I don’t have quite the variety of dishes I used to lay out. It’s easier and more fun for everyone to have enough of a few favorites and this year the young darlings made me my favorite - a cranberry orange relish that has to be put through either a food processor or a meat grinder - of which I have neither. I haven’t had this treat for years and getting a dish of it at last made me feel like the meal was perfect and complete.

Since P was with us, there was another great wedding session. BH has promised to make me a T-shirt with Ask Me About The Wedding printed on it. No joke - I wish they would. We hammered out more plans and made new ones, which include shopping for Flower Maiden dresses on Saturday. Yes! And we need a cake! Yikes! and Invitations - woo boy. and Sunday will be sewing day. I’ve designated Sundays to the Wedding Dress because I can usually get GD in the a.m. for measuring and in the p.m. for trying-on. We’ll be doing the final serious fabric shopping on Tuesday. Oh - yes - it is official, too. The Big Day is January 22 and my favorite local minister will be marrying them and it shan’t be at the old colonial church but at the Baptist church where BD’s grandparents and uncle are buried, along with so many of the wonderful people who were such an important part of LD’s childhood - and, as I said, where my favorite local minister preaches.

As for today? Well. Around noon the Marvelous Sheryl will show up and we will wash windows. It ought to have warmed up enough to work indoors and out and BD promises me the screens will be down by then. The idea is that I wash the windows when I put up the screens in the spring and when I take them down in the fall. Of course, it doesn’t happen that way every year. I always manage to get the south window in my bedroom and in the living room done no matter what, but some of the other windows haven’t been washed in ... ahem ... longer than I’d be willing to admit here. This year I want them all clean and sparkling. Too many people will be visiting this winter and I don’t want them to know just how depraved I can be.

I believe in the next few weeks I will do more shopping and more driving and make more phone calls and trips to the city than I have ever done before - and am ever likely to do again. I’m still wrapping my brain around shopping in quite such a lavish fashion. My secret little Events-Planner Heart is pumping like a perpetual motion machine. Alas, my head is still dealing with swimming sensations. They aren’t so bad once I’m up and going, but the early mornings require very deliberate movements. I wonder just how I’ll fit in any exercise with a head like this. Be that as it may - we move forward and as things develop I’ll be reporting back here. Feel free to Ask Me About The Wedding anytime.

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