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Friday, November 12, 2004  

Today I get another shot at ThePerfectHaircut - which means there isn't time to wax elloquent about the last day of the retreat. I'll get to it either later or tomorrow.

I'm thinking about letting my hair grow a little longer anyway - and will talk it over with the the Lady of the Scissors. Short hair is nice but there's really nothing you can do with it - except wear it the same old same old. I feel myself sliding into hair envy, since half the women in my family have fabulous hair and the other half have my kind of hair. It's not bad hair, there just isn't all that much of it.

I'm going to have to work this Saturday so I spent some of yesterday cleaning my house. It's odd how it had gotten so cruddy that even BD noticed, though he didn't say anything. I just knew he felt that the house was not as comfortable as usual. It sparkles now. Then GD and I drove off to look at a potential wedding reception site - a local winery. It was a lovely place for a summer wedding, but a little far away for a winter one. I did do a little wine tasting and discovered the most delicious desert wine, picked up a bottle of that and another of a sort of middle of the road red - not dry and not sweet and not oakish - just red. They did sell an expensive $30+ wine and it really was good, but it wasn't what I was looking for.

The wedding site choices have narrowed down to ... well ... probably just exactly the right spot, but the kids are checking out one more place today. Looks like after the weekend we'll have time and date and place and I can babble about it even more. It's simply delicious that they live next door and I can be so intimate with all the plans. And of course, the dress floats about our conversation all the time. The boys drift away when we begin talking fabrics and trims and I feel wickedly greedily glad to seem them go. I haven't had a woman to talk sewing with since I lived with Mama - good lord, back in 1970!

Oh - just writing that brings back such a flood of memories. Honestly, no girl ever had such a wonderful fashion mother. She was so clever with her hands, and had such an eye for line. She was generous with her tools and with her time as well. Many a night we'd work together to finish a fine wool crepe bias skirt or to fit a collar to a difficult neckline. And she understood about shopping to just look - shopping for inspiration. Not that she played about in stores all the time - but she just understood - sometimes it's not a buying or owning thing, just a looking thing.

I can never remember quarreling with Mama about clothes, nor ever remember her vetoing anything I picked out, though her taste didn't match mine. She had such bigness of heart when we shopped together. She never confused what was right for her with what was right for someone else.

Well, anyway, it's a lot of fun to talk clothes with another woman again.
And with that I better close and get ready for work.

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