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Bess, your 'musings' are so much more engaging than fiction! Compiling them into a book doesn't require a theme, other than 'living my life.'


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Tuesday, November 02, 2004  

Thank you all for your very kind words about my writing. I do think about writing publishable, income producing pieces, sometimes. I certainly enjoy stringing beautiful sonorous words together like so many beads upon a thread. I love to make stories out of real events. Alas, like Mrs. Buncle in the old D. E. Stephens novel, I have no imagination - at least when it comes to fictional plots. Oh - I can tear a plot apart and tell you how to fix it - but, and I may have said this before, I can not stand conflict, most of which stems from dishonesty, leaving what remains to flow from irreconcilable differences. The former is so repugnant to me, I couldn't imagine taking valuable hours of my life to create fictional versions of it, the latter can never be resolved and so, is rather pointless to display, even with beautiful language.

And so I write musings. Little vignettes of real life, gussied up with a bit of spin and a fairly good vocabulary. I have a big enough ego to flutter at the idea of being published - but I wonder if I have the discipline to put together enough writing around some central theme to fill a book. Ahh well. It is fun to imagine. Some day it may be fun to actually do. In the mean time, thank you for your praise and enjoy the freebie stuff.

It’s only 3 days till I leave for the KRRetreat and I still have some work to do on my handouts so my early morning time ought to be handed over to these responsibilities. If I don’t post here, know that I’m still doing knitting related stuff and will be back on Tuesday of next week. Of course, I may push it to the last moment and fritter away all sorts of time here on the blog, right? What do you think about changing its format - maybe adding some buttons?

Wicked Bess

posted by Bess | 7:36 AM