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Thursday, November 18, 2004  

So, who do you think woke up at 2:30 and couldn't get back to sleep till 4?

Darn that stupid newspaper article.

I refuse to ever read another thing about sleep again. Ever!

It's a good thing I am such a paragon of flexability because my knitting class got postponed till after Christmas - or rather, till after January. Right now, just about all my life is getting postponed till after January so it will be very interesting to see just what February is actually going to look like.

Ahh well. I'll think about it tomorrow. At Tara.

Now - let's see. I'm not knitting. I'm not spinning. I won't sew on the WeddingDress till the weekend - I'm still too early into the serious construction issues part of the sewing to work on it at night.

Guess there's nothing to post.

Oh Wait. I got my latest issue of Knit'n Style and it's the first issue I didn't see something I wanted to make in it. I'm wondering if it is because I'm in a non-knitting phase - I'll look through it again but so far it's a blah issue.

Now, I'll give any magazine a break - every issue doesn't have to be fabulous - but if it turns out that half the issues are uninspiring, I'll let my subscription drop. I did that with Knitters and CastOn, almost did so with InterweaveKnits. So - it's wait and see.

So - there's my fiber content for the day. Truly the minimum.

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