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Take care of yourself, dear Bess. I was afraid that you might be sick or something when you missed yesterday's post. And have a Happy Thanksgiving.

By Blogger Carolyn, at 2:57 PM  

Ooooh, DearHeart! Hope you are being gentle with yourself and will let DGF and others help you with Thanksgiving Dinner...and that you have a blessed and happy holiday. Sending hugs...

By Blogger Margaret, at 8:48 PM  

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004  

Red sky in the morning sailors take warning.

Well what a strangely red sky we had this morning. Almost a pale plum color, silhouetting the bare trees of the east woods with it’s pinky glow. The air is mild enough to step out in your p.j.s when the dogs scratch at the door. We had a tiny bit of rain in the night and everything has a moist feel to it. It’s been about an hour since I first peered outside so the pink is mostly faded, but there’s still a hint of it kissing the world. What is it about looking through a window at a winter landscape that makes me feel so cozy and loved? Some sense of protection against a long cold future? I don’t know. I just know that when I stand in the doorway or peek out the window at the east woods and see that misty grayish pink sky behind it, I feel safe and loved.

Not a bad way to start a Thanksgiving holiday, either. I must give thanks for those pink sunrises, even if they do foretell impending rain. That’s what the weather dot com guys are promising - lots and lots of rain today. The laundry I hung out on the line last Sunday will surely get a rinse now. Let us just hope that the rest of their prediction - sunshine on T and Friday - comes true. Otherwise I’ll have to lug all this stuff to town and use the laundromat dryers.

So - where was I yesterday? My legions of fans are waiting with anxious hearts to hear. Well, I was in bed - and at the dr. I woke at 4 a.m. and went to the bathroom for a drink of water but before I could even get the few steps down the hall my head was swimming so, I could barely stand up. By the time I got to the sink I was so sick in my stomach I couldn’t even drink water. I stumbled back to bed, crashed on the corner and just lay there till I could roll under the covers again. I shivered beneath the blankets for 45 minutes, making a mental list of all the various forms of tumorous diseases I probably had till BD woke up and listened to my fears. He’s such a darling and right away pulled the home health dictionary off the shelf to read all about dizziness.

As the morning wore on the sensations grew slightly less severe and I dozed off and on till 9 o’clock, when I could call the dr. By about 11 it was enough better I could get up and walk around and even have a little lunch. There was only a little dizziness left by late afternoon when I finally saw the dr. who saw the fluid build up in my ear - interesting - I always figured they just looked into your ears as a pro forma gesture to make you feel good.

My ears haven’t been stopped up nor has my hearing suffered any so it was hard to believe that was what was wrong with me. About a week ago, the whole world did tilt for a moment and then tilt back. It was actually a rather interesting sensation but it disappeared and hadn’t come back. Evidently my head was just waiting to fill up enough to hit me with a double whammy sensation. Head and stomach!

Anyway, I’m on antivert and some ear drops now and as the Eustachian tubes relax and the stuff begins to drain I can really feel the sloshing sensation in my head. I missed a day of work. This year I'm finally chipping away at the mountain of sick leave I have stored up. It was a pretty insignificant day to miss - I’ll have a monumental job when I return on Monday - the annual report is due at the state library. I’ve been forgetting about that for weeks now so I’ll be tied to my desk Monday and Tuesday. I’m working half a day on Wednesday and shopping for wedding dress fabric in the afternoon.

I really do have every moment planned for the next few weeks. Planned down to the nanosecond, it feels like. So let us hope that there is no repeat of the SickDayInBed stuff. Fortunately, today is a fairly easy day - a manicure - generic house cleaning and several loads of dishes through the machine. Thank goodness for dishwashers. We expect 13 for dinner but that’s a flexible number and the turkey is enormous - enough for whoever shows up with plenty left over. This year I’ve finally let go enough to let the guests bring dishes. I’ve often let them bring rolls or wine but this year I gave up the deserts - of course, to one of the best chefs I know - but it was a bit step for me. Still - the pies have always been part of my Wednesday work load and it’s nice that I don’t have to bake them today. It means I can clean house today and have a particularly easy time of it tomorrow. Mmmm. Nice.

And yes Virginia, there is some knitting content here. Just a wee bit - but I have 2 inches of cuff knit on BD’s surprise Christmas socks, courtesy of the 45 minute wait in the dr’s office. It’s Jen’s fingering weight sock yarn and I’m using size 2 needles. The nice thing about them is that they don’t need to be finished by Christmas - I can just knit away on them, even right in front of BD, who will never think to ask for whom the needles knit - Ahh dear man, They knit for thee.

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