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Saturday, November 13, 2004  

Hmm. Evidently tagboard doesn't like long email addresses. Anyway, this one's for you, Necia:

Carodan Farms own store brand worsted weight wool.

This is better anyway, since I can elaborate on the blog. This wool is a ruggedly textured yarn that still has the oil on it that you need when you spin wool by machine. It's a surprising scent, actually, but washes out with soap and warm water and when you wash the yarn it blossoms into a lovely rich wool. It may feel a little rough, (though not scratchy) when you first get it, but it actually begins to soften as you knit it. It is also very reasonably priced. I like all the colors, but the blues are the most gorgeous. There are little tiny spots of complimentary color spun in with the main color that serve to deepen the main color, but it is not a "flecked" yarn like some of the tweed yarns.

I'm talking myself into a pair of mittens from this stuff.

NO bess BAD BAD BAD. It's sewing time for you.

And folks, I am still running behind the clock and don't have time to put in the final installment of my KRRetreat report. I know there will be a little time today though, so check back in the evening if you are unable to wait.

Yesterday was one of those days when you long to be at home, in bed, with a cup of your favorite hot drink and a book/knitting project/cat/dog in your lap. Sigh. Unfortunately, I was at work with a crashing circulation system. That's the third time, though, so now all the bad things that can happen at work have to be over with. Right? The software company wants me to send them my entire database FTP. Gad! Well, the computer wizard is coming at 10 o'clock to caress the system and he can take care of that for me.

We have new staff coming on in a week but till she does we're all working odd extra hours. I'm pulling the Saturday duties. This is good, in a way, since I am going to need those comp time hours in the weeks ahead. But this is also why I can't wax eloquent about the retreat. In fact, I'm off now, to do something with this hair. (the color, not the cut)

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