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Tuesday, November 30, 2004  

“...This is information you are entitled to know: the next phase of your life has a lot of celebration in it.”

How I love good horoscope writers. They manage to put good news into daily predictions with just enough tailoring to put a smile on your face. Now, I learned a long time ago to not look at horoscopes for my nearest and dearest - woah nelly. But I love to read my own. In fact, I’m willing to read my own on-line as well as in two daily papers from different cities so that I can always imagine going to Fredericksburg if it looks like I might have a bad day in Richmond.

Of course, Christmas and The Wedding are up ahead, so that particular forecast is a No Duh statement, but it’s nice to hear at the beginning of a period when Mercury will be going retrograde.
Huh? you ask. Of course you do, because when Mercury appears to be going in the opposite direction communications go awry, messages are lost and people misunderstand you. Now is not the time to be witty or sarcastic. Now is the time for your computer to crash and your cell phone to go dead. And that time begins today and lasts till just before Christmas. The important thing to understand during these 3 weeks of confusion is, “It’s not your fault. It’s not his fault. It’s Mercury’s fault. So forget about it till after the holidays.”

I always love it when it’s NotMyFault.

As for yesterday’s slog through the guilt fields and fear swamps, well, it does my readers no harm to know just what an angst ridden person I am capable of being. We are all a blend of competence and self-doubt, mixed in ever changing proportions, that respond to stimuli in constantly evolving emotional states. I am merely glad to report that the looming deadline pounced but I met it, well armed with tidily filed data, challenged it’s evil threats and conquered it’s calculating heart. There was a moment when I couldn’t find the log-in and password I needed to begin my project - until I looked in the rolodex under B - and it took about 2 hours to think of looking in the cabinet where I keep the Library Board minutes and audits for the copy of the ‘03-4 spreadsheet, the original of which is at the auditors. Minor issues, soon cleared away. My annual StatisticalReportWithCertifiedFinancialStatement is finished - completed in 6 hours - a new and glorious triumph on the part of the MenopausalLibrarian.

On TheWeddingDress front - I must brave my superstitions and venture back to the FabricMecca today. Well, at least this morning Mercury is merely pausing - the actual backwards movement is supposed to happen later (I think) in the day - so let us hope that errands and cars and shopping - all forms of subtle information transmittal - can be completed with care and skill. And I promise to myself to be soothingly non-judgemental. We must have this fabric now and so we must buy this fabric now. Happily, I have a lovely 25% discount coupon for all fabrics in my purse.

That is all the WeddingNews I have today. I have a discount coupon for $$$$ fabric.

But I do want to close with a chuckle. At least, I think it is a funny concept. While I can think of nothing so absurd as John Wayne playing Genghis Khan, an extremely close second on the Master List Of Wackiness is a just beginning to age Sean Connery playing a Barbary Pirate/Berber chieftan, kidnapping feisty budding feminist Candice Bergen, trying, and failing, to look like Katherine Hepburn.

I had thought to write a more pithy elaboration on this topic - but somehow, that one sentence says it all. If you are into camp, check out The Wind and the Lion. Better get hopping if we want to time our departure to miss the rush 4-hour on 95.

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