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Monday, October 11, 2004  

We're having splendid weather right now - cool crisp golden sunshine days that sparkle and energize even the most sluggish among us. Alas, when I tried to take a walk, the brisk northerly breeze just shoved pollen&mold down my already miserable throat. No amount of water would wash it away. I had to turn around at the mile point and go back indoors. This is not a happy thing. When you live in the land of the tour guide photo you want to be outdoors. Bummer.

So I lounged around the house yesterday, knitting more on BriccaTheAran and casting on for a pair of Christmas socks. Yep, all you dear friends who were witness to my foolish brag that I was not knitting any Christmas gifts this year are free to mock me now. Make it "not knitting many Christmas gifts".

Today is one of those sweet autumn treats - a bank (legal, federal) holiday. From time to time I struggle with myself about closing the library on those days. After all, they're days when people who otherwise have to work all day, could come to the library. Perhaps it is my duty to open the library when they have a day off. These are the folk whose tax dollars pay my salary. These are the very people for whom we exist. We could close some other day, when 48% of the people are back at work.

But. I want my 3 day weekend too. And today I feel crummy enough to take a sick day even if we were open. Well, the struggle continues. It is not a serious nor life-shaking argument. I can always think about it tomorrow, at Tara.

In the mean time, what I shall do today is bring down the winter clothes. The days are crisp enough and some mornings have already been down right chilly. I certainly don't need any linen skirts nor most of the sleeveless tops any more. Some short sleeved t-shirts still get a little wearing, but half of them could be packed away. This is a big project, dragging everything out of the attic and spreading it out, checking for any needed repairs or revamps. Also, some stuff, though put away clean in the springtime, will still need to be cleaned again, especially after the 40 days and 40 nights of rain summer we just had. It's supposed to be sunny, so I may be doing laundry all day.

I also like to try everything on. It's a little like shopping, only free. And it keeps me from doing any real shopping and buying a 39th rust colored sweater. Odd, how last year I was so clothes happy, as I slimmed down on WW. I'm still actually the exact weight I was last October (meaning 5 lbs over goal) but I have no fashion thrill whipping me to a spending frenzy or nudging me towards the malls. Partly, of course, it's because I spent big bucks last year. I know I have enough. Partly, though it's a dissatisfaction with those very same 5 lbs.

There is no way I can keep the goal without both watching what I eat and regular, vigorous exercise. I haven't been able to get the two to march in tandem all summer. Just before I left for vacation it looked like I had things back on track - feeling good, eating right, exercising in that way that left me feeling pumped, happy and ready to dance. The trip threw me off some, a weekend of fair food mocked me, and this allergy attack has laid me low.

The funny thing is, in my deep chest of ThingsIBelieveAboutMyself, I figure I'll always have this struggle for balance, for "right living", for weight maintenance. And if I believe it to be so, I promise you, it is so. Guess what I need to work on is changing that belief from I will always have to struggle to I will set it up so I don't have to struggle any more.

Now, that's a real challenge.

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