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Tuesday, October 19, 2004  

Today we try GoingBackToWork da capa. It will be interesting to see how well I do. Things start out with a 9 o'clock meeting and chug along through WW tonight. I desperately need to pay attention to the latter and the former is probably a mistake, but hey, it'll do me good to be in the office early.

I have (I hope) one more swatch to knit up for the KRRetreat. There is some manipulating I must do on them, and then write up the handouts and I shall get back to my wearable knitting.

News from the Rhinebeckers is trickling in, thrilling us stuck-at-homes with tales of fiberista bonding and classes and treasures. Now that it's over I feel as much relief as envy, because I don't have to figure out when I'll ever knit/spin up all this new stuff!

So - heigh ho for me.

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