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I wish I could have done the KR retreat this year, but between my work schedule and my finances it was not an option. :-( Next year should be better, I hope!

By Blogger Catherine, at 7:39 AM  

Well - I sure hope you can make it next year.

By Blogger Bess, at 2:28 PM  

I hope so - we had FIVE trials on the calendar for October/November when reservations were being taken, and four have cratered and were postponed, and the fifth is a joke and won't happen either. Next year I think I'll make a reservation and cancel if I really have to.

By Blogger Catherine, at 7:37 PM  

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Thursday, October 07, 2004  

Just about done.

I can’t quite say “done”, onna’ counta’ I don’t really like how the shoulders look on the Anny Blatt sweater. I added an extra set of short rows on the front shoulders - making 2 pair - but they still seem a little skimpy. This may be due to using a smaller needle to do the 3-needle bind-off, not, mind you, because I thought I needed to knit tightly, but because I was too lazy to go upstairs and get that other #10.5 needle. The shoulders aren't too low, they're too narrow. If I do nothing else, I’ll rip back to those seams and re-knit them using the same size needle I knit the sweater with. But I also think I’d have done better to make the sleeve cap just a little taller. I may rip back to about an inch below the seams and re-knit those caps about half an inch longer. It would lengthen the space between front neck and underarm seam, but I don’t think that would upset the line of the sweater and it would be easy to do. What I shall do right now is to set it aside for the next 2 weekends and then if I still don’t like how it looks on me, I’ll rip. It’s angora and mohair - waaaaay too hot to wear till the temperature drops to the 30’s.

In many ways it’s a darling sweater though - I’m very pleased with the length and width, with the short row bust darts, and with how the colors of the two yarns softened each other when knit together. The orange was not too loud and the pink toned it own a little more. I’ll get a photo of it up as soon as possible.

But, this means I’ll cast on Bricca the Aran this morning. I’m well enough satisfied with the gauge I got on the swatch hat, using a #8 needle, to get started. Gauge is so tricky. Knitting a swatch can only give you an idea of how your actual project will knit up. So many other things can affect the final product - and yet - it is just a sweater - a loose stretchy garment with lots of wiggle room. It’s a good thing I don’t mind knitting swatches, though, because I really don’t like knitting 5 inches worth of 200+ stitches on trust.

BD built our first fire last night - just big enough to take the chill off the house. How toasty. All the dogs came inside and watched dog TV (flickering flames through the stove window). We have one head baker dog - Socks - who likes to lie with her head on the little brick platform beneath the stove and get the top of her head good and hot. Topsy used to do this, but now when she’s in the house she tends to hover about hoping you’ll get up and go into the kitchen to drop tidbits on the floor. Priss, who has much thicker fur, is content to lie across the room from any heat sources - or even by the front door where cold air streams in through the cracks. We’ve always had a leaky house - purposefully - since we heat with wood, prefer the constant fresh air source, and don’t really have what one might call severe winters.

(Hope I didn’t just jinx myself with that statement.)

The thrum of anticipation is building out in Knitting Land as the Knitters Review Retreat nears. I got my info packet on Tuesday. It’s only 4 weeks and a day away. There’s chatter on the forum and some of the blogs as well. I’m looking forward to this one more than either of the previous two - I suppose because I know I’ll be hooking up with people I really like, some of whom I haven’t seen in a long time, some of whom I've never met face2face.

Hmmm - been just sitting idly for 10 minutes - so I’ll log off and cast on.


posted by Bess | 7:12 AM