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I know exactly what you mean about stores and having to drive for shopping. And I look forward to conferences in "interesting" areas, too. (I hate it when they set them in remote, boring-to-me places like ski resorts on the off season).

When I hear people complaining about their LYS, I find myself WISHING I had an LYS to complain about. And it's a drag having to drive a half-hour for shopping more complex than Wal-Mart or The Dollar Shop.

By Blogger fillyjonk, at 10:41 AM  

Ain't it the truth?! And I have to drive 30 minutes just to shop at Wal-mart!!

But then, I get to walk miles and miles through forest and field and I never had to worry where my kids were. So it's a trade off where I get the big half. Still, I really prefer to go to big shopping meccas when these conferences pop up.

By Blogger Bess, at 11:28 AM  

I live surrounded by stores, but the "good" stores are still a half hour or so away. I rarely go to the Good Mall, it's not quite an expedition but it's also not something one can drop into after work in Orlando traffic. City life doesn't improve the shopping issues much. The Not-So-LYS is 40 minutes in lousy traffic, my local haunts are Target and Costco. I'd trade my suburbia for rural with good roads to a decent sized town.

By Blogger Catherine, at 7:30 PM  

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004  

It’s strep. Man, I haven’t had that since I was a kid. Not that I think of strep as a children’s disease, though the smattering of investigating I’ve done shows me that it is pretty much a kid’s illness. Just that I haven’t suffered from it in moltodecades. Anyway, I’m contagious for the next 48 hours and confined to home. Isn’t that just a shame?

How ever will I fill my time. Oh. Look. Here are some lovely knitting needles. Addi Turbos, they look like. And what is this? Cashmerino Aran in a beautiful brick red? And my, my, it looks like a sweater is hanging from those needles. Perhaps I will knit a few rows.

If I had smilies for this blog I’d put that laughing one in right here.

Really, for an illness serious enough to keep you home from work, this is a fairly benign one. I don’t feel horrible, just dragging and sleepy and a little achy in the throat. Not blazing sick - not sick enough to sleep the day away, which is probably what I ought to be doing. Anyway, I’m home till Friday and I will spend that time knitting. The marvelous Sheryl will come tomorrow and make everything sparkling clean. Best of all - I can keep my chatter box mouth shut - because, talking does strain my throat and if I’m around people, I promise you, I’ll talk.

Of course, I had to miss both Tuesday Night Knitters and the WW meeting. Don't want to spread this thing to my friends, for goodness sake! After my Dr. visit yesterday I did swing by the office and swiftly dealt with the Stuff-Of-Deadlines - keeping well clear of my staff. There was very little of the S-0-D anyway, although, alas, I’d put off reserving my hotel room for the VLA convention so long the hotel booked up. Fortunately, Mariott has another hotel next door to the big convention hotel, at $20 less a night too. An additional piece of good luck is that my roomie is a flexible and forgiving woman. Next time, I’ll let her book the room, though. All that takes place the last full week of October and good heavens! that’s the week after next! Autumn always flies bye, but it’s going at warp speed this year.

The convention is in Williamsburg this year. I’m always glad when it’s there because if I get a little time I can slip away to interesting shops for an afternoon. This year it’s even better because across Rt. 60 from all the hotels is The Knitting Sisters. Not that I have any need for more yarn, oh no. But ... Well. Well, walking distance from a yarn shop? Who could resist? Who should? Besides, it’s just a nice shop to go into.

What I hate is when they hold the convention in some out of the way rural place. Heck, what’s the fun in that? I already spend my life in an out of the way rural place. I’m looking for stores!

And even as I typed the above I know it’s not true. Or at least, not wholly so. Truth is, when I go to this convention, I really do participate in all the workshops, lectures, etc. I do visit the vendors with an eye to what will fit in the library. I do find out what other libraries are doing to keep teen interest up or lure in that elusive 25-60 year old male reader. I am no good at playing hooky. Never was. Guilt alone would keep me in the meetings and if they aren’t interesting enough to keep me awake, I’m more likely to just go home.

It’s the idea of stores that’s so thrilling. You who live in urban or suburban areas will never know the thrill of shopping as an excursion. The mall as a destination. The idea that, without spending hours getting to some unfamiliar place, you can wander through tables and shelves and racks of things you didn’t now existed and might want to own - if you knew about them and had the cash. This fondness for looking at things that aren’t mine, but might be, is an old familiar pleasure dating from the days when I was beginning to think about furnishing my own home - maybe age 17 or so. In fact, I’m not much of a purchaser - I have been known to fill a cart with merchandise, merely to wander one last time through a store and put it all back. I had owned it long enough. I’ve been married 33 years and have bought only 2 pieces of furniture. Three if you count the wine rack in the kitchen, which I suppose one ought to count.

I do buy too many clothes. Well, there. They always seem ephemeral and even slightly disposable. Perhaps I should work on limiting those - come up with some sort of database wardrobe of a few perfectly matching items that can be interchanged to create endless fashion presentations. Perhaps I ought not care so much about clothes. The late Geoffrey Beane said though, that Virgo’s care the most about their clothes and I’ve found this to be true most of the time. It certainly is true about me. Perhaps it is a little late for me to change.

Well, when I get to musing about the theory of wardrobes I know my store of wise thoughts has run out. I will add only that I’m feeling just slightly and wistfully envious of all my buddies who will be in Rhinebeck. Not that I need another fiber frenzy. Not that I even have the energy to be of help. Not that I should be talking into the wee hours with girlfriends. Just, wishing I could be part of it all.

And I will mention here that in addition to being on the second repeat of the major patterns in BriccaTheAran, I am on the heel flap of the Christmas socks. When I get tired of knitting with a #8 needle I can slip down to a #3. Lots of knitting getting done in the H Household.

posted by Bess | 6:59 AM