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Feel better swiftly, and thoroughly enjoy your weekend, dear one.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:18 AM  

Best wishes to you for a speedy departure of the nasty sore throat. BTW, you would absolutely love a digital camera.

By Blogger Carolyn, at 4:17 PM  

Feel better soon, sweetie! We read it without pictures because you write so beautifully we can see images through your words... those of us who aren't as gifted must overload our blogs with photos in the hopes no one else will notice our non-Bess-ness...

By Blogger Amie, at 8:46 AM  

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Saturday, October 09, 2004  

I am so ready for this nice sweet long weekend. I’m just going to loaf around today and knit. Whatever is giving me the sore throat is, at least, not winning any other parts of my body. I have a spaghetti pot’s worth of pine needle tea, courtesy of BD, a new juicer on the counter, bags of carrots and apples in the kitchen, and the house is not particularly dirty. There’s an enormous pile of laundry but I need only push the stuff into the machine and hang it on the line to dry. I can fold it next week or next month or whenever. I haven’t even any promises to fulfill nor obligations to meet.

This is because neither of my two knitting classes made up - only one student for the sock class and I’ll just give her private lessons at a time of mutual convenience. Not the weekend I have a nasty sore throat. I’m sorry about that, because I love to teach, and I’m glad about it because teaching really ties up my weekends. So - I’ll just look at the glad part and figure on luring in some new students some other month.

On the knitting front, I’ve completed the ribbing on the body of BriccaTheAran. I was too sick and cruddy feeling yesterday, when I left work, to remember to buy film. Not that looking at a photo of an inch and a half or k2p2 ribbing is particularly rewarding. Still, it would be nice to have photographic progress charts. Well - ‘tis early days yet. By next week the sweater ought to be more worthy of a picture. ‘Specially since I have Monday off!

Yes. That glow in the east was the morning sun reflecting off my huge grin. For all that October will be busy - there are lots of nice days off in it.

I’m constantly wondering if I ought to buy a digital camera. I wonder if it is easier to erase .jpg files than it is to throw away paper pictures. I have a drawer full of the latter upstairs. An entire dresser drawer full of them along with about 5 photo albums. Many of them are not particularly special, but each time I sort through them, I never throw any away. Certainly I throw out ugly photos of me but what about all those other tedious shots? Besides, I could post photos on the blog from home if I had a digital camera. This blog is so non-graphical it’s a wonder anybody looks at it. But there again - the blog is as much a repository for my memories as it is a destination for others. Isn’t it amazing how many roles any single thing is called upon to play?

Dragging myself back to knitting I want to close with a final recommendation. If you haven’t knit with Debbie Bliss's Cashmerino Aran yarn, do give yourself a treat. This is the sweetest yarn to knit with. It’s springy, it’s soft, it’s lush, it shows texture beautifully, you can tug your uneven knitting a little and the stitches even back out again, pre-blocking!! It comes in great colors; lots of ‘em, and it’s priced the same as any fine knitting worsted yarn. Ram Wools sells it for the best price, but they’re slow to deliver to the US and you’d do well to call to make sure they have the color you want. It took 15 days to get from Canada to my house via truck delivery (UPS I’m guessing, but not sure). I’m not savvy about all things deliverable, but I got my shipment from Ozeyarn, (Australia) in one week, so it ought not to take 2 weeks to get something from Free Trade Canada. But as long as you know it’s going to take 2 weeks, you can plan for that - especially when the price break is $1.30 a ball off what is usually $7.50, US.

Okay - the first load of laundry is done and my knitting is calling. Be back tomorrow.

posted by Bess | 8:54 AM