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Oh! Is she all done then? YAY! She's GORGEOUS and I can't wait to see her with all those fall leaves at Graves Mtn...

And now you get to start on BRCA!

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004  

For a first day back at work it wasn’t so bad. Some stupid issues that will be irritating to straighten out and some lovely surprises that make things interesting. Guess I can’t ask for more than that.

ALL KNITTING CONTENT (possibly tedious to read, but necessary for me to put into words)

I’m down to the last bits of knitting on the Anny Blatt sweater. It’s going to be very very warm. It will be my winter video watching sweater. The machine is in the den which is the furthest away from the wood stove and snugs into the northeast corner of the house. That room is cold with a C in winter. All that angora will be toasty warm. It's very furry.

I’m knitting this sweater in the round with set in sleeves and short row shoulders - the same structural technique as Flidas - and while the math of this technique is not quite as nerve wracking figure out as it was in March of ‘03, it’s still a mental challenge. At the point where I wanted the front neck opening to begin I put 6 inches worth of stitches on a holder and began knitting back and forth on the shoulders, continuing to decrease stitches in the sleeve cap. I’ve finished the shoulders up to the point of putting in the short rows, which raise the neck opening about one inch over the shoulder edge. There are 2 stitches left in each sleeve cap.

Here’s how it goes:

I’m at the left neck opening ready to turn and purl back.

* Purl to 2 stitches from the shoulder

* wrap & turn

* Knit to neck opening

* Purl back, picking up the wrap, purl across sleeve cap, decreasing final 2 stitches and across back to within 2 stitches of sleeve cap

* wrap & turn

* Knit back to within 2 stitches of last stitch on back shoulders (3 stitches of decreased sleeve cap stitch)

* wrap & turn

* Purl back, picking up wrap and continue purl across sleeve cap, decreasing final
2 stitches, continuing across right front shoulder to neck edge

* Knit back to within 2 stitches of last stitch on right front shoulder

* wrap & turn

* Purl back to neck edge

* Knit back to sleeve cap

* Put single sleeve cap stitch and right front shoulder stitches on one needle, right back shoulder stitches on another and do 3 needle bind off ending with yarn at neck opening.

* Knit across back, picking up last wrap and continuing across to neck opening
arrange stitches on 2 needles as for right shoulder and perform 3 needle bind off.

* Pick up stitches for the neck band and knit 1.5 inches in seed stitch.

* Bind off

* Weave in ends.

My, it felt good to type those last three words.

Full report tomorrow.

posted by Bess | 7:37 AM