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Bess, there's now a G Street F in Chantilly - no I95, and much closer than rockville. I'd love to see you when you come....


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Tuesday, October 26, 2004  

For all that I’m a blabber mouth, I don’t always write about everything that’s going on in my life. That’s what makes a blog different from a diary. Even a diary one might write for publication is still a private thing until the presses roll. There’s always time to expunge something one might later wish to gloss over. With the blog, one writes knowing that, with the click of the mouse, everything is immediately available to the public - and the public is a mighty mixed bag - the public can even be a binary code looking for tags - not really a person wanting to hear about my knitting. This preamble is leading up to telling the happy news that BD is home again after an 8 day jaunt to Canada with one of his close friends. Not that I am afraid to be alone for over a week, at the end of half a mile of dirt road, in the dark dark woods, out of sight and sound of anyone, in the foggy misty autumn, beneath night black skies. Oh No. Not Me.

Well, I’m laughing here, because I am not afraid to be alone. I love my cozy nest deep in the forest. But this is the internet, after all. No point in asking for trouble. Anyway, BD got in at midnight Sunday and I was wide awake, waiting. We talked for hours and spent all morning yesterday talking and all last night talking and sipping wine from the Finger Lakes and nibbling cheese from Quebec. We still have lots more talking to do, along with all the fun touchy feely stuff, but I have to go to Williamsburg tomorrow in the a.m. and won’t be back till Friday night. Something had to give - some things had to give - so knitting and blogging went by the board.

I’m only working on KRRetreat samples anyway, since the retreat is a scant 10.5 days away. BriccaTheAran languishes and the Anny Blatt sweater still hasn’t had the shoulders reknit. I may take that with me to work on in the car tomorrow - it would be nice to have that as a FinishedObject next week. BtA is a long term project that just thinking about gives me the feeing that I am knitting on it. Still, I ought to promise to knit one round a week or something - just to keep her in the 2BF0 category instead of the HasBN4GotN category. I don’t have any real desire for her to be a “free sweater”.

After the retreat, though, every creative molecule in the brain is going to focus on The Wedding Dress. Wicked Naughty Amie - for teasing me, but it’s true, sewing was my first love. Sewing is like Honorable Chinese wife #1. Been there so long it’s a fixture. There are still two hand tailored suits in my attic - very Joan Collinsy 80’s looking with ShoulderPads&NippedWaist - too silly looking now, but maybe a granddaughter will like them. I actually don’t sew much any more because
A. clothing has become so cheap and
B. I got fat when I turned 40 and I didn’t want to get to know that body well enough to sew for it. and
C. as yarn shops proliferated, fabric shops disappeared. and D. the sewing machine is sort of wearing out.

I still make a slip cover for my living room couch every 3 years or so - seems that’s as long as they last in my rough’n’tumble household. And it’s such a hated sewing project I don’t feel like sewing again for another 3 years. But I can and do love to work with beautiful stuffs and I am really looking forward to playing with gorgeous silken lengths. This is the book we’ll be using to create the bodice - think vanilla bean silk organza over satin foundation sewn into free form pleating and tucking with beads. I’m going to encourage GD (girl darling) to do some of the hand sewing herself. I think it will make her happy to think she actually worked on her own wedding dress and she is a Virgo and at least an _NFP. If we are having fun we’ll do a shrug in this technique too - if it is too fiddly and tedious, we’ll just go with something smooth.

We head off to G Street Fabric Shop sometime this weekend. If you don’t live on the east coast, or if you live close enough to New York to shop there, you may not know about G Street Fabric Shop. Anyone within a 200 mile circle of D.C. though, is well acquainted with it. I actually went there a few times when it was on G Street, when there was a faint ghost of a downtown shopping district. It used to be about 3 blocks from the flagship department stores of Garfinkles and Lord&Taylor. Oh I sigh just remembering that 19th century experience of whisking downtown to shop. Gad. who’d be caught dead down town any more? But it was such a glamorous experience, still viable, in my youth. There were still ornate movie theaters back then too - where one might pay extra to go see a premier of some really big show. I remember Dad once treated a girlfriend and me to the showing of My Fair Lady at some fabulous theater in downtown D.C.

Okay - well - now there are GSFS’s sprinkled about VA and MD, so we don’t have to drive into the city any more. I’ve been to the one in Shady Grove, MD twice and you have never seen so many chauffeur driven Rolls Royces and mink coats at a fabric shop. I never bothered to look at wedding fabrics, though. I’m expecting a true Aladdin’s Cave. Only thing is - it requires driving on that hideous I95. I wonder - can I get BD to take us? Hmmmm. Well. I’m sure GD will laugh at me, but I will have to ask her to do the driving.

Anyway, it’s exciting times ‘round here. I realized, too, that I have half a travel log of my trip to Niagara Falls with photos that I’ve never posted. What did I do with my time all those 8 days that BD was gone? I promise - one of these days it’ll be here. Just not today.

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