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What?! You're not knitting said wedding gown? ;-)

By Blogger Margaret, at 11:29 PM  

Tee hee - when I first read she was making the dress I thought "oh, lawsee, even Bess can't finish that much by January!!!" and then I remembered she was a seemstress as well... I'm sure it will be breathtaking (how could it not, with a bride like that and a seemstress like that!)

By Blogger Amie, at 5:25 PM  

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Saturday, October 23, 2004  

Before I knew how much fun having sons was, I wanted only daughters. I had such a grand time with my mama, I couldn’t wait to have my very own girl to play with. I missed out on that part - but it was not an inconsolable loss since I still had my mom and now also had some cool boys too. Nevertheless, getting some pink back into my life is pure pleasure.

I’ve been at my folks all today - dashed over to Richmond after work yesterday and spent the night. We cooed and giggled all evening, even Dad, who would like to be gruff and tough, but has been too pink-a-fied by those years of living with 4 daughters, and instead, told everybody who called all about the happy news.

My original plan was to visit Friday night and Sat morning but be home in the afternoon so I could visit with L’s sister M. Instead I stayed with the folks till about 2, and didn’t get home till late, so I shall be up and out of here tomorrow for a workout at the gym and breakfast with L&M. L is a knitting bud and her sister is a visiting knitter - and I have the library’s copy of Scarf Style.

When I pulled all my winter clothes out, a few weeks ago, a glaring hole appeared in the blouse category. There are plenty of jackets, skirts and pants, but bridging the gap between waistband and shoulder pad are only a skimpy few, though beloved, items. There is a store bought, but perfect, cashmere sweater - it’s my armor outfit -because nothing can touch me when I’m wearing that - but I can’t wear it every day. So, topping the shopping list for today was Blouses. I also had to get some makeup since I had to toss all my contaminated stuff out last weekend. I was running low on the important camouflage, so I was planning on digging down into the old bank account anyway. And of course I completely indulged myself in looking at MotherOfTheGroom type dresses - or at least, I fell in love with a plum brown silk skirt by Jones of New York with hip stitched pleats that bell out in the most elegant bell and thought it would make a magnificent half a MoG outfit.

I wasn’t ready to pop for anything in the formal wear category, though. I’ll do my shopping in consultation with the bride and her mom. Thank goodness I’m good friends with the mom and I have, after some serious thought, consented to make the wedding gown - so I’ll have plenty of time to select something just right for me as time goes on. Best of all, they’re both blondes. I stopped by the W’s (that’s LD&DF) on my way home tonight and she had some sketches and some cut&paste ideas. This is going to be tremendous fun. And she has a nice easy figure to fit - one of the main reasons I consented to pull out the old sewing machine. At one time I was a pretty skilled tailor - but it’s been a while since I’ve tackled couture stitching. Thank goodness she doesn’t want wired stuff - though I suspect I could find it already made up. We are off to G Street Fabric Shop next weekend to look at our options.

I did get a tad of knitting done on the Christmas Sock #2, and I will certainly be dutiful about my KRRetreat obligations - but I am not putting any other stress on my fiberly creativity from now till the wedding day, which, btw, is sometime in January, since there is a good chance LD will be called to active duty in February.

My - how the wind can whirl. It’s an exciting time for me - and tremendous fun. And what a treat that I get to be such a part of it all. I have my girl - and a boy too. Pretty cool, huh?

Probably won’t post tomorrow a.m., but maybe I’ll have interesting thoughts in the afternoon.

posted by Bess | 10:12 PM