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Saturday, September 18, 2004  

Woops! Who knew I'd be this busy on a Saturday. We could get our computer network guru down here at the library (yeah, I'm at work - but I'll be leaving soon) to do some major fix-its. No time earlier to write a post and now that I'm in town I can do OtherThings.

Looks like Virginia's share of the big rains of Ivan will be only big, not GIGANTICENORMOUSMONUMENTAL. Thank Goodness.

Alas -no brick red Casmerino Aran yarn showed up yesterday and the postoffice says there's no box with my name on it today. Good thing I started the Anny Blatt sweater. 2 inches of garter stitch border are done.

But in other Good News - I did get the PerfectHaircut. Perfect, you might remember, is when it looks good right out of the salon, not 2 days later after I've washed it. Yep Yep Yep - she took it up short enough in the back this time and left the sides just the right length. I can shake my head, dahling.

Back later with pithy comments if I can. Otherwise, till tomorrow.

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