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Sunday, September 12, 2004  

Woops! Missed a day. BD woke up the same time I did and clamored so much for a buddy I didn’t get to finish my on-line morning routine. Somehow I never got back to the machine to make a post. Now I sit here wondering if there was anything noteworthy about Friday and if it mattered that I missed a day.

The best thing about Friday was that it was Friday. It was also another extremely productive day at work. I haven’t a clue what makes one day productive and another slothful, but other than being hungry all day, I didn’t feel any effects of my sleepless night till yesterday - and since yesterday was a Saturday, I just took a nap. After I cleaned the house. After we went for a swim! Yes. A final swim of the year - bracingly cold, shockingly cold, a 10 minute sort of dip. We don’t usually swim here in September. Maybe I’m not home on weekends, or maybe it’s raining, or maybe it’s just too cool. I can’t actually remember. There have been early days in the month when I’ve rolled off the end of the pier, and last year, after Isabel (September 18) when that was our only bath water source, I took soap and washcloth out to the swimming beach. But recreational swimming is really a May through August sort of activity. So bidding summer good-bye with a September Swim is always a special thing, treasured for its rarity, thoroughly enjoyed yesterday.

On the fiber front there are several exciting reports. First is this happy news:

Inspirations Yarn Grand Opening

Yes, friends, another knitting buddy has realized her dream and opened an on-line shop for her own handpainted yarns and patterns. MT has been longing to make a living with fiber for years and at last things have come together for her. A lovely site, beautiful colors, fair prices. Congratulations M!

* * * *

The other news is that I have only 4 more pattern repeats to go on the second sleeve and the Mohair Lace Sweater will be ready to sew together. Since there are only shoulder seams, sleeve seams and sleeve inserts, it should be done by early afternoon. At last - a promise fulfilled - raggedly so, full of excuses and prevarications and apologies - but truly fulfilled. Someone is extraordinarily patient and kind. I’m fortunate in my friends.

Of course, if one is nearly finished 1 project the mind begins gazing out across the horizon of FutureProjects and I have several in my sights. There’s the BrickRedCashmerinoAranAranBirthdayYarn, ordered from Ram Wools and possibly arriving next week. There is also the K1C2 kid mohair and worsted weight, both in Caramel Crunch colorway. I bought that 2 birthdays ago with a specific pattern in mind: a baseball jacket, body&sleeves in mohair, trim in worsted wt. I just haven’t knit it because there were other things I wanted to knit first. But now I’m thinking it might be a quick zip (you know Bess and her zippy knitting, remember?) with the body knit back and forth in one piece.

Another quick clear-the-stash project is some Anny Blatt merino/angora blend and its complimentary orange mohair boucle. That would also knit fast because I bought a sweater’s worth, based on the pattern book. The two yarns are knit together on size 15 needles, and I recall buying the needles at the same time; Clover Circulars. They’re around here somewhere.

I do have 2 obligatory knitterly projects to work on, but they are small and both are more technique building than production demanding (i.e. very small). I ought to have them out of the way by, hmm, mid-October. That is a sweet feeling.

Like the renewed energy and focus I’ve been feeling at work, I’m also renewed with knitting inspirations. I’d been in such a slump for so long. Come to think about it - I’ve been in a slump since I realized I’d lost Flidas and then had that crushing blue boucle hat disaster. To loose my most triumphantly successful knitting project and then utterly waste my most challenging spinning project within 6 weeks must have just blocked up all my ambition. It doesn’t mean I quit knitting or spinning, but there was a lackluster feel to all my efforts. I still got a bit of process comfort out of my fiber play, but no artistic thrill.

Well, it may just be the turning of the seasons. It may be that Mercury is at last going forward in its own House-of-Virgo. It may be that it’s just time to get over the grieving process. (Okay, a bit of hyperbole here, but I really am still upset about loosing Flidas.) Whatever the reason, I am just glad to feel the blood coursing, the brain clicking, the ideas blooming again.

The lost and lamented Flidas:

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