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Since I'm not there today, I owe you a birthday song! I'll sing for real, or sing a mock-birthday song like my brother gets every year - your choice!!!

Hope the mailman is busy packing your box full of cashmerino right now!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004  

This is it! The Guaranteed Official Happy Birthday Day!

And what a happy birthday it is. I suppose that is why my eyes popped open - wide awake - at 4 a.m. and my brain read the clock to say 5 a.m., which, like on Christmas morning, is not too early to get up and take a peek. It was only after I was sipping coffee that I noticed the wee clock on the monitor said it was 4:15. Eeek.

But this just gives me an extra hour to be aware of how beautiful life is.

The celebrations began yesterday with a loving gift from S - a beautiful Swarovski Crystal dragon - because I’m not just a virgo, I’m a dragon too. Then GF breezed in with the OfficialBirthdayTiara which one wears the day before, day of, and day after the birthday so that all your subjects can pay homage. I wore it too, till it gave me a headache because she has a daintier head than I. I will keep it on my desk today and don it just before we go out to dinner tonight.

At noon Jen showed up with her gorgeous vest, all silky fluff of angora with manx longhtan mixed in and edged with my favorite color chocolate brown Shetland. Her arrival was perfectly timed for me to introduce her to the quilting group that meets every other Monday at the library. One of the women is B - a fellow Barbara’s Babes - who already knows Jen, but everyone drooled over the vest.

Bwa ha haaaaaa It wasn’t long before I was forcing the innocent tenderhearted Jen to slash away at her knitting. Evil wicked Bess. But those shoulders were winging out way too much and that vest is too gorgeous to be deformed by clown shoulders. She used a crocheted steek technique to secure the fabric and was able to take off a good inch each side. And I am proud that I only once took the garment and tools out of her hands - I hope I remembered to ask first - and I quickly gave them right back to her. I can’t stand teachers who take your work away from you. The good news is that the vest looks the way it ought now and she can proudly show it off.

Today starts out cram packed. We have our Friends board meeting at 9 and our first Spanish for Librarians class at 10 or a little thereafter. I’m just ever so slightly nervous about all of this, because of course, we’re charting new ground. We haven’t had much call for bi-lingual skills and I don’t really intend to make the library a bi-lingual library. In part we haven’t the resources, and in part that's not our mission. I believe it’s more important for the Spanish speakers to learn English. But learning English using library materials does make sense to me and besides, for the staff it’s pretty much impossible to just shake our heads and say “sorry no spika de Spanish”. We’ve been cursed with the “Must help patron. Must know answer” disease that all librarians end up with sooner or later. Well, all good ones, anyway.

So, just as I would learn some new phrases if I were going to tour a foreign country, I’m learning a few phrases to journey into the world of the Spanish speaking community. And I’m dragging my staff along with me. But I am nervous about it too. As well as excited.

After the Spanish lesson I’ll have about 4 or 5 hours to put things in order so that coming back to work won’t be too daunting. I know it will be a little overwhelming - I just don’t want to be crushed by the horror of it. Clean the desk. Check off items on the ToHaveDone list. That’s the agenda for the afternoon. Because then ... I’m outta there.

Good news about BD, who has only a cold, not a COLD. The trip is on and we head for Niagara Falls tomorrow. Yep. We plan to do the utter tourist thing. I want to be amazed and thrilled by something One Heck Of A Lot Bigger Than Me! I want to be splashed on the Maid of the Mist. I want to creep through the rock tunnels behind the falls. I want to get sick on the cable car (I think) that crosses the Niagara Gorge, and I want to see ships in the Welland Canal. I want to walk among 20,000 butterflies. I am prepared to be delighted.

What I shan’t be doing is knitting my Brick Red Cashmerino Aran Sweater in the car. At least, I shan’t if none of the fleet of delivery guys visits me with packages today. Yesterday the UPS guy had 6 boxes but they were all books - and a little motor for BD. No slip in the mailbox saying they had a package too big for the box, waiting for me at the post office. No nothing.

So I shall just take along something else. I’ll take the Anny Blatt sweater, probably finish it on the drive. I can certainly take something else out of the StashFromHeck. (It’s not truly cursed enough to be from Hell, just enough to be burdensome.) And surely the BRCA yarn will be here when I get back.

So - busy days ahead. I expect to be back tomorrow for a last post - surely you need to know if the BRCA yarn made it in time for the birthday cake. And then there shall be silence.


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