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Aren't "free sweaters" fun! Like my stash reduction. I'm selling some yarn I bought ages ago, and I look at the money and think "yay I made $10!" not "I probably spent $20 on the yarn to begin with!" And actually using it is even better.

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Monday, September 20, 2004  

Sometimes, we function more efficiently in times of hardship than in times of plenty. When we are forced, by circumstance, to struggle, we have no alternative but to make an effort. That effort may not pay off as swiftly as we want, but it has its impact, and, over time, it gets results. When things seem to be going our way, we get too comfortable. Your love life, soon, will turn sweet. Your financial horizon will brighten. Be glad of this. You deserve it. But find, please, something to object to - lest you lose the momentum you have built up!

Thus spake Jonathan Cainer

Whoa - now ain’t that a promise for the day. And he doesn’t even mention the perfect weather we’re going to have all week. Nor the imminent visit of Jen for lunch, and a quick fix on a piece of knitting, allowable [ma]lingering during a work day in payment for the hours I had to spend in town on Saturday, working with the computer network wizard. So we have a better functioning network too! And of course, tomorrow is the BigDayBirthday! And then vacation!!!!!

Okay - there is one fly in the ointment. Poor BD has a cold and it may be bad enough we’ll have to not just change our plans but cancel some of them. I will try hard to object so that I don’t lose any momentum, but honestly, 2 weeks at home could never really be objectionable.

Speaking of momentum - stash reduction knitting is going great guns. I cast on with the Anny Blatt yarn described a few days ago. I never did find my size 15 needles and I know there is a cluster of other needles gone missing, but I figured I could just knit loosely with a 10.5 and see what I got. Obviously I won’t have enough to knit the cowl necked sweater I bought this yarn to make - at least, I doubt it - I’m not even sure I’ll be able to knit a turtle neck sweater unless I go with 3/4 length sleeves - and somehow 3/4 length sleeves and a turtle neck seem to cancel each other out.

The fabric I’m producing is nice. It has a good hand and graceful drape. I’m knitting it in the round with a pretty seed stitch at hem and cuffs. I’ve finished the body to the underarms (st. st. at 3 stitches to the inch sure move along fast) and am working on the first sleeve. When it’s 14 inches long I’ll make my neck treatment decision based on how much yarn is left. If I have to go with 3/4 sleeves (which means ripping back) I’m inclined to go with raglan shaping and a ballet neckline. But this is angora blend - it’ll be a warm sweater. Ballet necklines leave an awful lot of skin exposed and don’t layer well.

Okay - no ballet neckline.

I could do a V-neck - with set in sleeve shaping - and edge the V with matching seed stitch. This could be done by knitting back and forth once I actually get to the opening. It would be a fascinating shaping exercise - with seed stitch boarders, decreases immediately after that, then set-in sleeve shoulder cap decreases a la Flidas - and then as I worked the short row shoulder shaping I’d be also figuring out the seed stitch boarder.

Of course, I could also just do a V-neck shape and add the seed stitch boarder afterwards, but that lacks the intricate math that makes knitting such a challenge to do and such fun to show off.

What I hope I’ll be able to do is to make a little stand-up collar of seed stitch just after the short row shoulders. That’s my all time favorite shape for a winter pullover not intended to be layered over other clothes. And my dears, who would ever forgo angora next to the skin?!? Right, not this gal. Not in a bazillion years.

But the happiest part of all this is that it’s StashReduction. It’s clean out the clutter. It’s a Free Sweater because I spent this money so long ago it no longer counts. It’s guilt removal. It’s virtuous me inducing; a gift to myself. Woo woo. Happy birthday Bess!

Man I gotta go find something to object to.

posted by Bess | 7:06 AM