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Sunday, September 19, 2004  

My vacation is soooo close now. It begins at 5 o’clock on Tuesday - the perfect birthday gift. It lasts till about 9:30 a.m. on October 5th. It fills the days between with a combination of shivery pleasures guaranteed to meet all one’s vacation needs. First will be the energizing days of travel. I adore tooling along in a car with BD. It’s a reminder of how I fell in love, in fact, since our first date was an 18 hour car trip. We are heading north - nawth, dahlin’. Someplace where sweaters feel good! Sweaters to wear - sweaters to knit.

After that there will be days at home savoring the joys of place and ownership. To just walk from room to room on a weekday, with neither a sprained ankle nor a fever as the price of that guilty pleasure, will be utter blissful and relaxing joy. To be home, with all your toys, with time to ponder or think or plan or to do nothing at all, is one of the sensations of true wealth. I am ready to be rich. The second weekend will be 2 days at the Fall Fiber Festival in Montpelier, helping Jen sell her beautiful yarns and fibers.

I wrote last fall about what fun this small festival is - with all the requisite pleasures of sheep dog trials, funnel cakes, and fibers, but without the buzz inducing, mind numbing excess of the mega-festivals. It’s completely encompassable. It’s completely viewable, do-able, and see-able. If I had small children, this is the festival I’d take them to. Not much chance they’d be overwhelmed, or worse, lost, so you can relax your vigilance down to normal mommy-watch, and there are plenty of green grassy fields for them to run around in.

I have only one thing to enter this year - oh. Well. No. I have 2. Okay, hmm. Best get them packed up. One of the truly friendly things about this festival’s arts competition is that you can mail in your entries and if you include postage, they’ll mail them back. I expect to be there at closing time on Sunday so I’ll just pick my entries up. I’m sending the blue hat and a skein of drop spindled sock weight yarn in blue faced leicester.

I have arranged to take the following Monday off too. I like to have a day to get back to normal after a fiber festival. I did this after Maryland and it made an enormous difference. Gives one time to look at one’s purchases. Here’s hoping I shan’t have any. My stash runneth over and I am in a knit it up and spin it up mood.

So. Time off. Time spent in pleasure. Time with BD. Time with girlfriends. Time with my toys. Time. The coin of the spiritual realm I long to enter.

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