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Saturday, September 04, 2004  

Mmmm. Day one of a 3-day weekend. Delicious. I’m off today to visit my parents, whom I haven’t seen since early June. It’s been that kind of summer. I’m leaving my boys alone for the day, and heading out early hoping to get in a long visit. The rest of the weekend will be divided between knitting and reading - this time with purpose, since I have a sweater to finish and a book to review on the 13th. The book looks skimmable and is a pleasant read so far. Set in 1978 too, my young mother period. Lawsee! What was I doing in 1978? Oh yeah - I remember - we started building the house that spring. I have a favorite photo of naked LD helping BD dig the footings. BD built the whole house - not contracting others, but hammering and sawing himself. It was a monumental project, another of his Herculean tasks, but we ended up with a pretty cool house for $25,000 and only a 7 year mortgage.

That was also the year I started working in the library. I just worked Wed. and Sat. mornings for a few hours, but oh my did I ever feel rich with that little $40 a month paycheck. (had to pause here to calculate if I really did only earn $40 a month - yup, 5 hours a week back when minimum wage was $2.25 an hour. After taxes that’s about what I got.)

Funny about how money can make you feel rich or poor, depending on what you expected to be able to do with it. Now that I have to contribute to the house expenses, I’m always scrabbling, but then, it was all play money - and what fun I had with it.

I dreamed all night about knitting - which is the only fiber content to be found in this blog today. The dream was about going to another state to attend a fiber festival and enter some of my knitting in the fiber show. I was making hats and they were not finished - and there was something wrong with them too. BD kept watching and commenting and when I finally finished one he tried it on and said it was too small = though it was obviously a woman’s hat with a picture brim. He suggested I buy some red cashmerino aran from a yarn store we’d passed driving up, and knit an aran sweater.

The funny part is that, in the dream, I actually thought there was a chance I could knit an aran sweater overnight!

But the real joy is that now I can tell him I dreamed he told me to buy the yarn, so of course, I will! Too cool, huh?

And no, no, he doesn’t care how much yarn I buy. He may have an opinion about it, but I’ve never heard it. (‘course I may not have been listening) It’s just that it’s easy to use “having to explain to Himself” as a check on my yarn purchases.

Part of the reason I don’t really have anything to say (other than my life is pretty ordinary) is that Hurricane Frances is so heavy on my mind. I hate to think of the destruction it’s causing in Florida. My heart aches to think of places smashed by wind and rain only 3 weekends ago getting trashed again today. I’m also thinking I’ll contact the Florida State library to see if any libraries lost volumes to flooding. We have some pretty current titles on our sale tables and I could ship them down. Think I’ll make a little $ donation too. They invited me to come give a talk back in ‘96 and really hosted me well. And for sure, when clothes and food and water are in short supply - help for libraries will be a very distant last on the priority list.

I’m also just a tad concerned about how hard VA will be hit if/when the rains come this week. We’ve been so soaked this summer, especially this August. Trees are barely haning onto the damp soil, dead limbs left over from Isabel haven't yet all fallen ... Well - t’aint nothing we can do about it. Least said, soonest mended.

So - off for the city I go. Ta.

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